April Preview breaks records

By Carrie Horan & Leslie Davis 

The number of participants at last week’s April Preview, an open house for prospective students, doubled from last year to about 200, the largest number ever in attendance.

“We’re welcoming about 500 people (180-200 in students) over the next two days,” Lu Rodriguez, main coordinator of April Preview, said prior to the event.

Students attending April Preview were given the opportunity to observe classes, learn about the College’s new schools, attend a student reception and panel and take tours of various labs and offices.

“April Preview is designed to bring accepted students on campus and experience Emerson at its best. It’s an opportunity for them to see what it’s like to be an Emerson student,” Rodriguez said.

“I really like it. The campus is easy to get around,” Kyla Englert, an 18 year old prospective student who plans to major in print journalism, said. “I had a good time, especially at night. At 2 a.m., someone is up. I really loved that.”

Englert is still deciding between her choices of Emerson, New York University, Ithaca and Boston University.

Concetta Johnson, a 17 year old who will be a freshman next semester, was attracted to Emerson’s communication disorders program.

“I was impressed by the teachers. The closeness between the faculty and the students really impressed me. It was almost family-like,” Johnson said.

Over 100 student hosts housed 130 of those prospective students in their residence halls last Thursday night. Dorm residents were approached to volunteer as hosts as late as Wednesday night as there was such a large number of students wishing to stay overnight.

“I believe April Preview is a wonderful experience for seniors in high school. At this point in the year, seniors are discovering themselves and trying to make life decisions,” senior Michael Cavazos, who housed a student, said. “It’s important the prospective students get glimpses of Emerson life and by staying overnight, they get a sense of what student life is like.”

Though the overall response to April Preview was good, some students were a little unsatisfied with their hosting experiences.

“The people in charge should have given us more of a clue of what to do with the students,” freshman Erin Lillis said.

“It kind of gives students false ideas,” freshman Lisa Roberts said. “I think if they would have had both of the girls we were supposed to have [instead of the one] it would have been a better experience.”

The majority of students who attend April Preview ultimately end up at Emerson, according to Rodriguez.

“In the past, over 80 percent of April Preview visitors enrolled,” she said. “Considering the number of students involved this year, 80 percent of 180 student … [is] a third of our class.”

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