Fall gym fees set

by Sonya M. Cosentini & Leslie Davis

Beginning next semester, the Emerson Fitness Center will charge students $125 per semester, amounting to $31.25 a month.

Students will be mailed brochures over the summer which will give them the option of signing up for the gym. The fee will be charged to student accounts and, according to Michelle Hanna, customer service manager of Fitcorp, is an “incredible [price] for Boston.”

“I think it’s a joke because we paid from our tuition and fees for the gym to be built and we’re still paying for it,” senior Michael Barron said. “It’s just a joke when we had a free gym before.”

“I think if they’re going to build us a new gym, it should be included in tuition and tuition should not go up because of it,” senior Vanessa Welch said.

“I think that we pay a student activities fee that should cover that. I have yet to see what our student activities fee goes towards,” sophomore Mary Ann Cicala said.

Robert Silverman, vice president of administration and finance said the decision was to charge those students who use the gym rather than charge everyone a fee.

“We are charging a modest fee, we think, for the quality of the center. It’s a very reasonable fee,” Silverman said.

Students are enraged that they will be charged to use the gym next year.

“This college’s greed is deplorable. If they think we can’t see through this it’s foolish because you can get a membership at the ‘Y’ for cheaper than that. If they need to charge, where is our tuition going other than their wallets,” junior Mike Bongiorno said.

“This is just another example that illustrates how Emerson College is becoming an institution focused on making money rather than providing a quality education. What’s next? Will we be able to purchase grades rather than earn them?” junior Michael Graves said.

“I have to work out, it is essential. I do it everyday, so I’m going to have to pay, but I’m not happy. We’re students and we shouldn’t have to pay to use an Emerson gym,” sophomore Jenn Loftus said.

The gym is managed by Fitcorp and is open Monday through Thursday.

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