New vice president focuses on construction projects

by Katherine Burns / Beacon Staff • February 25, 2016

Arthur Mombourquette, the new senior associate vice president for real estate, said he is looking forward to continuing work on the renovations of the Little Building and the construction of the new residence hall at 2 Boylston Pl.

The college hired Mombourquette in December. Mombourquette said he was involved in figuring out the costs and the timeframe of the different construction and new building projects that are currently taking place.

Mombourquette was previously chief operating officer at Cape Cod Hospital and said he has been working in hospitals his entire career. Mombourquette said prior to that, he worked at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and missed the real estate and construction element of that position.

Mombourquette said he is excited to begin working on the Little Building renovations, which will begin in May 2017.

“It’s really exciting to think about an organization under President [M. Lee] Pelton’s lead that really cares about its place in the city,” Mombourquette said. “Going to the extent of literally replacing a historical facade in an historically sensitive manner truly shows a respect for what that building means to the city.”

Working under Mombourquette, Duncan Pollock is now the assistant vice president for facilities and campus services. Pollock has held this position in the interim since this summer when his predecessor, Jay Phillips, left the college to work at Partners HealthCare.

Pollock has worked at Emerson since March 2013 as director of facilities and campus services. He said his role changed this semester in that he took on business services in addition to facilities services.

Pollock said some of his projects currently include negotiating contracts with vendors. He also worked with dining services earlier this semester in response to student feedback.  He encouraged employees to introduce new programs and engage more with students more in the Little Building dining hall.  

“They’ve done a lot of new and different, engaging things,” Pollock said. “That’s where you spend a lot of your time.”