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Thursday, October 19, 2017

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O'Malley urges focus on state elections

During his appearance at Emerson College, former presidential candidate Martin O’Malley described a future in a world where traditional structures of government and power were dissolving.

Working on the Beacon

All Beacon positions are open to applicants at the end of each semester.

New org to bring ACLU speaker

Emerson Action, a recently-formed political student group, invited an American Civil Liberties Union official to campus to give a “Know Your Rights” workshop Thursday, April 6.

SGA talks religion with campus chaplain

Emerson’s new Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and Campus Chaplain Harrison Blum discussed potential spiritual and religious events with the Student Government Association at Tuesday’s meeting.

Incident Journal

The Incident Journal for March 20 to April 2.

Students in the dark on tuition hike specifics

Emerson’s Board of Trustees has approved another tuition increase for the next academic year. If you didn’t know this already, it’s no fault of your own. The college never directly notified students.

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Emerson to drop SAT/ACT requirement

Emerson Admission Office has confirmed that it will no longer require standardized test scores for undergraduate applicants starting fall 2018.

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SGA-student communication falls short

Problems with communication and engagement are part of the reason that all the Student Government Association candidates on this year’s ballot are unopposed and most are current members.

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SGA 2017 write-in campaigns

Write-in candidates for SGA's 2017 election.

Religious students search for community, resources

Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and Campus Chaplain Harrison Blum said he thinks Emerson is a secular campus, something some students see as an obstacle to practicing their faith.

Emerson endowment has fossil fuel ties

Most colleges and universities in the United States are invested in fossil fuel companies— including Harvard University, Stanford University, and Duke University—whether students know it or not. Emerson is no exception.

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SGA: An unrecognized organization

“This is a problem that has been around since I have been here,” Solomon said. “It was worse when I was a freshman. I don’t want this as an excuse... I only say that as a statement of fact.”

SGA finances greek life dance marathon fundraiser

Alpha Phi Omega will host an overnight dance marathon in April with funds from a Student Government Association appeal.

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State Supreme Court justice recalls college’s influence on career

Sixteen years after nominating herself to the appeals court, Cypher repeated the process, this time for the Supreme Judicial Court. She was confirmed in March, meaning Governor Charlie Baker has appointed more than half of the seven justices on the bench—where Cypher will be sitting by April.