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Thursday, November 23, 2017

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White men aren't heroes for doing the bare minimum

When a white man stands up for a woman, for a member of a marginalized group, that action is valued far more than a member of one of these groups fighting for themselves.

Racism is everywhere, including Emerson

Your morals don't undo centuries of institutionalized oppression, nor offset how this social construct has influenced your own privilege and innate biases.

Don’t pick on his penis, pick on his policies

When people attack Trump's looks, they take away the importance of his actions to his looks, which are not nearly as significant.

Support trans rights beyond the bathroom

I’ve woken up every morning with my heart pounding.

Conservatives are not oppressed

Those who face discrimination in everyday life don’t have the luxury of changing themselves after reading a really good New York Times op-ed. Conservatives do.

Please run a write-in campaign

The deadline to get on the ballot was March 3, but there is no official process for write-in campaigns—you just have to get enough people to fill in your name come election day.

Letter from the Editor: An appeal for trust

In my ideal world, people look to the Beacon when something happens that they don't understand. But even I know that isn't quite true.

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Sustainable clothing never goes out of style

In a city where it can be so easy to cycle through outfits on a whim, we need to make sure we aren’t playing into the hands of big businesses.

Language about language

Emerson’s focus has always been about using the right words to get points across clearly, and that’s not going to change just because we want to use inclusive language.

Transfers deserve scholarship equity

Transfer students do not have the same opportunities to be considered for their work in the way that others are.

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Collaborative care is the future

I still find myself longing for a polyamorous alternative to the household models we currently have in place.

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Veganism is a form of activism

We can easily use the power of the dollar to make environmentally friendly food choices.

Bull or bear, the stock market is a boys club

<p class="p1">I somewhat dreaded Sunday afternoons

Exploiting students for the sake of exposure

Young people are manipulated into working for free all the time in the name of "exposure," "building a portfolio," or just plain "experience."

Saturdays still not a snow day solution

It’s bad enough that our go-to college policy is to make up snow days on the weekend.