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Thursday, November 23, 2017

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Emerson’s new logo needs revision

This graphic suggests we're sleepily dreaming our way to graduation, living on our imaginations and pretty art. But we work hard here—through sleepless nights and early mornings, we are developing our crafts.

Strangers in the streets, buddies in the Tweets

The closeness we feel to followers and virtual confidants isn’t real because it has no air to breathe, only a heart to “favorite.”

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Taking time for a post-grad pause

I’m also realizing the weight of the expectation that I have to go straight into the professional world after this.

The onus is on us to make the most of student funds

As student organizations, it's incumbent upon us to work with SGA to make use of the growing surplus funds and create more fulfilling learning opportunities for everyone.

White boys with bad posture

Joking about whiteness sometimes feels like a revolutionary act.

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Media moguls swapped out for meme makers

It will soon be possible to earn a living off of making memes, and I intend to be first in line.

A CreativityKit should still include the classics

We’re cultivating the art of capturing our world and practicing shapeshifting to effortlessly dance between mediums, always working to best inform, entertain, and empower.

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Straight version of a gay thing

Instead of fighting the patriarchy, white gay men have been invited to join.

Women in Emerson film’s blindspot

The idea of equality is important, but that doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of equity.

POWER’s existence shows school’s blind spots

The onus isn't only upon SGA of course—all Emerson students have a part to play in making sure we're being educated from a more equitable coursework.

Letter to the editor from Elise Harrison

The Board of Trustees has been a friend and support to ECAPS.

Between Bernie and Hillary, voters face a lose-lose

Clinton is the embodiment of a humanitarian rhetoric that every day looks emptier and emptier.

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A reminder oppression can be internalized

The privilege that empowers someone to use skin color to diminish you is poisonous enough to become internalized.

Spring semester sparks change on campus

If Emerson is putting this much effort into providing their students with these unique opportunities, we should be able to put equal effort toward making sure our students are healthy.

Bringing respect to the victim’s storyline

Rape depictions on television are too often gratuitous, unnecessary, and lazy.