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EAGLE hosts Queer History Month

β€œ[Being queer] is not something to shun but to be embraced, to be proud of,” Henderson-West said. β€œThe best way to help that cause is to inform and to educate, and bring people together.”

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Students take to the Freedom Trail for Survivor Boston

Filming for season two of Survivor Boston began at the end of September. This season is called Survivor Boston: The Esplanade, and filming is set to span the whole semester. Falberg hopes to upload the first episode of season two by early March.

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Students struggle to find rehearsal space

For Patricia de la Garza, a junior performing arts major, the lack of rehearsal space at Emerson has consistently been a struggle throughout her time at the college.

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Alum Watsky shares essays from his book

Freshman marketing communication major Cassandra Cloutier waited in line for two hours last Monday for tickets to see the rapper and poet who inspired her to attend Emerson.

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Senior brings old Hollywood into modern times

For some, the golden age of cinema is resigned to a chapter of a film textbook, or a category on Netflix. But for Wesley Emblidge, a senior visual and media arts major, the motion pictures of classic Hollywood are just as vibrant and newsworthy today as they were 75 years ago.