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Thumb 140 1510795150 beccafood.jpg

Bites with Becca: Cooking can be comforting

Nothing quite triggers a nostalgic memory like a scent or a taste from the old days.

Thumb 140 1508374462 webfood1.jpg

Bites with Becca: A lesson in loving leftovers

There's only one thing better than a home cooked meal. I'm talking about the hero of brown bag lunches and impromptu sandwiches. It’s a blessing, it’s a lifesaver — I'm talking leftovers.

Thumb 140 1505354356 img 4896 web.png

Bites with Becca: Off-campus cooking starter pack

Whether you're in your first off-campus apartment or you're just tired of your meal plan, every college student gains something out of learning to cook.

Thumb 140 1492649878 img 3472 copy web.jpg

Bites with Becca: Chardonnay and Chorizo

What wine pairs well with cauliflower hash browns and spicy breakfast burritos? A $6 chardonnay will probably complement the dish—as long as it is after 1 a.m.

Thumb 140 1491448592 screen shot 2017 04 05 at 7.24.56 pm.png

Children’s author says ‘yes’ to saying no

After volunteering to help her Uncle Alex find his keys, help her mother set the table, and help five other friends and family members, Zoey finds herself at loss. She loves to help people—but she no longer has time to listen to her radio.

Thumb 140 1490226158 cooking web.jpg

Bites with Becca: Let them eat cake

This one doesn’t start in the kitchen. It’s around 1 a.m. and the room is dark. My partner and I’s eyes are glued to the television, desperate to know who’s about to be the winner of a Shrek-themed episode of Cake Wars. It’s the third episode we have watched that night, and alas, I sleep through the final round.

Thumb 140 1487210718 doughweb.jpg

Bites with Becca: Cooking with love

Around Valentine’s Day, the question of whether to dine out or dine in with a date is seemingly inevitable. To really crank that romance, and to save a couple dolla doos, the best restaurant is your kitchen. The immense pressure to spend money on a significant other—because somehow that translates to love—is ridiculous. Love is homegrown, so why not cook at home?

Thumb 140 1484793845 16145183 1380386931979684 1785895642 o web.jpg

Bites with Becca: Creativity in the Kitchen

I learned to cook the same way you probably did—I was taught by a borderline-senile Vietnam War veteran, Steve, in the back of a Mexican restaurant.

Bites with Becca: New means to find new recipes

The internet has infiltrated my kitchen. My international cravings can be immediately satisfied with a few clicks.

Thumb 140 1479355130 danceonline.png

EDC dancers prepare for upcoming fall show

They walk through their formations as the song “Hands to myself” by Selena Gomez blasts from her Macbook.

Thumb 140 1478749721 desi 1.png

New org hopes to educate about South Asian culture

These events are made to help people learn new things about their own culture and the culture of others.

New org celebrates old cultural traditions

<p class="p1">Desi is a new student org on campus

Beacon's best: Must-see sites for fall frolicking

Beacon fall favorites!

Thumb 140 1477536936 bowl for web.jpg

Bites with Becca: Senegalese food is nutty

It’s a hearty recipe: fish stewed with tomatoes, vegetables, and peanut oil, topped over broken rice. It sounded quite delicious, and not too difficult, so I began to plan.

Thumb 140 1475119257 dsc 0042.jpg

Bites with Becca: Recreating a family favorite

I grew up in America, but with a purebred Polish father, and I’ve been privy to his family’s food in small doses.

Thumb 140 1473911578 elite daily.jpg

New opportunity to bring the elite to campus daily

Elite Daily may now have Emerson student bylines.

Thumb 140 1473910982 lizzie 3.jpg

Alum named to top 25 under 25 list by mag

Lizzie Milanovich is an actress, playwright, and artist, and she’s on a mission to bring theater to everyone.

Thumb 140 1473308578 unspecified2.jpg

Networking served with a spot of cold-brewed tea

In a few days students and alumni can come together to sip cold-brewed tea, eat brunch, and talk post-grad life at a casual networking event at Tea Bar by EvyTea.

Thumb 140 1473308012 abby.jpg

Student snapshot: Abby Skorupski

That’s how I got the job—it’s all about who you know.

Thumb 140 1461205874 logo collage.jpg

Year in review: Entrepreneurial enterprise projects

If you find yourself crunching on gourmet, customized trail mix while reading a new Spanish-language magazine in a Boston greenspace, make sure to document it on a new app.

Thumb 140 1460607643 dsc 0364.jpg

Students get a second chance at a high school classic

Traditionally, high school proms call for drinking punch, posing for pictures, and dancing in a dark room. For some, however, it was a night of feeling forced into wearing a gendered outfit—and the performance that comes along with an outfit that’s ill-fitting to your identity.

Thumb 140 1459998879 realestate.jpg

It's a buyer's market for students at Emerson

Akin to The Hunger Games, Emerson’s lottery housing selection process is a high-stakes gamble and students have just begun to volunteer each other as tribute to pick out the best rooms.

Thumb 140 1458784071 img 9906.jpg

Students bouncing and backing nearby nightlife

Snaking through crowds of patrons, carrying heavy buckets of ice, and trying not to slip on spilt vodka cranberries made up a typical shift at the now-closed Stage Nightclub for Dalton Kearney, a barback. His roommate, Christopher Piettro, stood outside at the door.

Thumb 140 1458780752 mariana2.jpg

New femme magazine designed for women in Mexico City

Mariana Tinoco Rivera said she always wanted to start a magazine, or has at least for the past five years. Now, as the first writing, literature, and publishing student in the Emerson Launch program, she has.

Thumb 140 1458181182 mollygilbertheadshot.jpg

Women come together to speak about their voices

Gilbert said she focused her final master's project on interviewing women about their association with their voice. Gilbert said she’s collaborating with students in the visual and media arts department to turn her research into a documentary.

Thumb 140 1458181090 dsc 3278.jpg

Communication studies celebrating culture through food

The smells of cajun spices, fresh basil, and garlic filled the function hall at 151 Tremont St. during the first annual Potluck love.

Thumb 140 1456971282 appguy walsh.jpg

New app puts more into students’ orbits

A Northeastern University senior’s furniture or an Emmanuel College sophomore’s used textbook now have the ability to enter into an Emerson student’s orbit.

Thumb 140 1456371237 ellenleadart portraitbyjabaricanada.jpg

Helping to empower women one step at a time

A little less than a year ago, Ellen Rothfuss didn’t think she could run two miles. As every new marker went from impossible to conquered, this motivation came to her as an opportunity to race for fellow women.

Thumb 140 1455826010 cassie specters spooks3 web.jpg

Ghosts will soar in a new literary magazine

Grab the skeletons out of the closet, writers now have an opportunity to pen their ghostly and ghoulish stories to an online literary magazine.

Moving past the mirror image

Our culture doesn’t put an emphasis on learning how to eat mindfully.

Thumb 140 1454559614 musichousesband walsh.jpg

Cement walls fostering a community

Flashing lights illuminate a pale cinder block wall, and in between bursts, Austin Max takes the stage and plucks the opening chord to his song “Will You Be Mine.”

Thumb 140 1453956571 patronusscreenshotcourtesy.jpg

Homemade quizzes enthralled the student body this week

A new trend on Emerson's campus is homemade personal BuzzFeed quizzes.

Thumb 140 1453346428 alexis walsh.jpg

New site gives artists an experience that’s Boundless

Emerson student, Alexis Clova Cadavid, created an online portfolio site for artists.

Thumb 140 1452743905 spaincourtesy.jpg

European wishes outside of the Well

Some students find amazing opportunities when they chose to study abroad through programs unaffiliated with Emerson.

Thumb 140 1449098331 beckytinker courtesy.jpg

Alumus creates children’s show with female protagonist

Emerson alum creates a fantastical children's show that is currently enrolled in a competition through

Thumb 140 1447893326 worstdraft courtesy.png

Alum creates software to combat writer’s block

Emerson alum Heinz Healey created a new word processor to help fellow writers with trouble focusing.

Thumb 140 1447273526 zeke cwickham.jpg

Biking through the city with favors in tow

Many Emerson students are making money biking around Boston, and delivering various items to people.

Thumb 140 1446682563 sarahzaidan adventuresofmsmeta kscs2015 usa 2.jpg

Ms. Meta: A symbol of female empowerment

Video game about ending stereotypes is about to enter into production.

Thumb 140 1446079034 maya courtesy.jpg

New website connects student freelancers to employers

Emerson student co-founds online freelance marketplace.

Thumb 140 1445466920 cassia cwickham.jpg

Bobbi Brown leaves lasting impact on students

Brown is the founder, namesake, and CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and an alumna from the class of ‘79. The company launched in 1991 with the motto that every woman should be her own makeup artist and the mission statement: “The secret to beauty is simple: be who you are.”

Family doesn’t fit into a neat box

Our country still needs to catch up with its own people.

Thumb 140 1443069464 image1  1 .jpg

Second time around: Students become teachers

Alumni make up a substantial percentage of the faculty at Emerson.

Thumb 140 1442452190 primark wickham.jpg

Primark—First impressions

Students are excited about Primark's opening.

Thumb 140 1441915076 greek2 wickham.jpg

Greek Life: Fostering support and sisterhood

With no Greek Row, no lettered houses with house mothers, and no hefty dues, Emerson isn’t what most people think of when they think of traditional greek life.

Beacon's Boston: fiction, film, and fine arts

Here are some recommended bookstores, movie theaters, and museums, as chosen by Beacon staff.

Beacon's Boston: sip, sit, and shop in these spots

Check out the Beacon Staff's recommended cafes, parks, and thrift stores.

Trends and triumphs: A year’s worth of culture in review

From poignant protests on- and off-campus to the Facebook group Free and For Sale, a look at the trends that shaped Emerson's culture.

Recyclemania loses momentum, green groups look to recover

Emerson has implemented new sustainability initiatives, but slipped in the rankings of a nationwide recycling contest that took place earlier this year.

Thumb 140 1428555350 image.jpg

Walking at graduation is not a neccessity for some seniors

For seniors, it can be an expensive event—besides the cap and gown, some have to pay for airfare or other travel costs to get back to Emerson’s Boston campus.

Thumb 140 1427942862 green gala   courtesy of.jpg

EcoReps holds first Green Gala to promote sustainability

Emerson’s first Green Gala, celebrated 20 days before Earth Day, intends to be a way for students to get a head start on the celebration.

Thumb 140 1427340891 img 6819.jpg

Potential nonprofit hopes to connect students with city youth

"I don't see enough engagement in Boston between the city and Emerson students."-Sophomore interdisciplinary major Xia Rondeau

Thumb 140 1426730846 unnamed.jpg

Professor Falchuk brings political experience to leadership course

Evan Falchuk, who was an independent candidate in the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial election, is now an Emerson professor.

Thumb 140 1425528976 8554779211 0bfaa95b44 o.jpg

Spring break trips offer students alternative perspectives

Alternative spring break programs allow students to do a community service projects, often in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, instead of going home or on a vacation. Several campus groups organize trips for Emerson students.

Alum remembered as talented comedian and giving mentor

Emerson alumnus Harris Wittels, a comedian beloved by his colleagues and admired by Emerson students, was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Feb. 19.

Thumb 140 1425402040 sam and laura web alex martinez.jpg

Alum newlyweds reveal difficulties of marriage's first year in reality show

Samantha Abby and Laura Leigh Abby, who graduated from Emerson in 2007, said they decided to join the show to demonstrate that gay and lesbian marriages are no different than other relationships.

Thumb 140 1423721883 davidlevi adam 02112015 0001.jpg

Emerson students former stars of Nickelodeon and Disney shows

These child stars agreed the intense but rewarding experience ultimately influenced their decisions to come to Emerson and pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

Thumb 140 1422488731 phoenicia diner 2 3202 hi res copy.jpg

Emerson alumni aim to explore the secret lives of diners

Tom Smith and Alecia Eberhardt, who graduated from Emerson in 2011 and are now engaged, created the blog Diner Porn in February 2013 to capture their experiences through photography and slightly fictionalized stories.

Warm weather natives experience cold weather shock

"I remember when I started Emerson, I did not have any winter clothes at all...before I knew it, my entire wardrobe had transformed." -Junior Manisha Tolani

Thumb 140 1417666107 karate reynoso 12022014 0004.jpg

For martial artist, sport a reason to keep fighting

Sophomore Forbes Lau has been teaching himself martial arts since his freshman year of high school, gradually progressing to an advanced level in a variety of styles.

Thumb 140 1416462874 5182164675 d5fb6ef8da o copy.jpg

Emerson's dining hall: a topic of student hubbub for decades

The dining hall used to be where students would get into one line to receive the day’s only entree “slopped” onto their tray.

Thumb 140 1415874945 img 0286.jpg

Virtual esports foster real-life community at Emerson

The esports club was created this summer so gamers could collaborate and compete with one another, and currently focuses on two games, Super Smash Bros. and League of Legends.

Thumb 140 1415251865 cvs hartono.jpg

A tale of two pharmacies: CVS versus Walgreens

This rivalry has students asking: Is this town—or at least intersection—big enough for both of these pharmacies?

Thumb 140 1414641383 freethinkers hartono.jpg

New FreeThinkers Society hosts discussions of the "big questions"

"It's a chance to engage in different philosophies and learn from different cultures and beliefs." — Andrew Manuzca, sophomore political communication major

Thumb 140 1414093332 capstoneclass.jpg

Emerson at Bird Street: students become the teachers

"I hope that they really just enjoy coding and graphic design." -Senior Isabella Gordillo

Thumb 140 1413436092 griddlers adams 101514. 0006.jpg

134 Boylston St. begets yet another burger joint

"I'll probably end up trying the new burger place as a break from school food." -Samantha Kennedy, sophomore performing arts major

Oft-overlooked ProArts program offers courses and connections

There are also so many people going through ProArts that it's difficult not to be lost in the noise." — Chloe Villanueva, senior visual and media arts major

Thumb 140 1411028766 1411003771 img 6085.jpg.jpg

Student barista learns the fine art of all things caffeinated

"When you're in the zone and tapped into that energy it's really cool, you feel like you can handle anything. I like it because its a go, go, go environment." -Junior Henry Krause