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September 22, 2011

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After 4 years at Emerson, spearhead of diversity effort to retire

September 15, 2011

strongXakota Espinoza, Beacon Staff/strongIn her four years at Emerson College, Gwendolyn Bates oversaw a sizable increase in the diversity of freshman applicants, the heightened awareness of the need for multiculturalism on campus, and the welcoming of a black president.Now, the associate vice president f...

New lifestyle magazines vie for student attention

September 8, 2011

For four years, students craving the lowdown on hip eateries and vogue hip-huggers have grazed the glossy pages of em Magazine, the sole lifestyle publication on campus.Now, two new online startups have challenged the magazine’s hegemony.Your Magazine launched this summer, publishing its first issue online ...


September 8, 2011

Robert Drenkhahn, 20, and Zac Dearing, 21, both MIT students, cheer during a rally on Boston Common early Monday morning, May 1, 2011, to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden.

The Presidential Pad: An inside look at Pelton’s mansion

By Xakota Espinoza

September 8, 2011

Construction workers, their clothes covered in tile dust, trudged up the first-floor staircase as President M. Lee Pelton sat back on a beige sofa in the reception room of the college’s newest property buy. The 7,300 square foot brick mansion on 2 Spruce Street, one block from Boston Common, was...


May 1, 2011

 Certain parts of Convento, the immersive documentary that had its area premiere Thursday as part of IFFBoston, seem too good to be completely true. With his profile of the Zwanikkens, a Dutch family who purchased a dilapidated former monastery in Portugal to live and work in, director Jarred Al...

Students question alumna Maria Menounos’ defense of using gay slur

April 21, 2011

Last week the NBA fined Kobe Bryant $100,000 after the Los Angeles Lakers star was caught hurling a homophobic word at a referee, sparking intense media debate over his use of the slur “faggot.”Amid an impassioned discussion on the Joy Behar Show last Friday, Emerson alumna Maria Menounos, an Acc...

Film student remembered for passion, work ethic

By Heidi Moeller

April 21, 2011

Craig Brooke-Weiss said he remembers his stepson Justin Amorratanasuchad, a junior visual and media arts major who passed away Sunday morning, as an enthusiastic filmmaker and a man with such strong character and clear direction. “We lost an amazing human being,” Brooke-Weiss said in a phone interview....

Wrong in every context

April 21, 2011

At issue: Homophobic languageOur take: Pejorative terms should not be pardoned because speaker “didn’t mean it.” Sometimes people say things they probably don’t mean.Last week on the Joy Behar Show, Maria Menounos, who attended Emerson between 1999 and 2002, participated in a round-table discus...

A.S.I.A. screens Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon

April 14, 2011

There is no opponent, because “I” does not exist. Heady? Maybe. But this in-the-moment fighting philosophy runs deep in the 1973 marital arts classic, Enter the Dragon.The movie, which Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness (A.S.I.A.) presents this evening as part of Asian Pacific American...

Gallivan brings sass, gayness, friendship to Emerson

April 14, 2011

If only tragic female characters in literature had a “Sassy Gay Friend” to bolster their confidence, admonish their boy-craziness, and prevent them from making life-ending errors. As a scarf-flipping interventionist, Brian Gallivan portrays that hypothetical hero in a series of YouTube videos by...

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