The Berkeley Beacon

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hardware presents a hard choice

When incoming students are instructed to drop thousands on a computer with little prior warning, it becomes an issue of classism.

A student's take on student orgs

Although I’ve been an Emerson student for a year, the achievements of student-led endeavours continue to astound me.


Busy students can't afford to buy time

For a school so concerned with the overcommitment of its students, the assumption that they would have time for four hours of meetings on weekdays seems counterintuitive.


Activism for applause or for a cause?

If our current president is any indication, the line separating entertainment and politics grows blurrier every day, and it’s difficult not to notice the surge in socially-conscious celebrities.

Dude, where's my DH?

When we left school at the end of the spring semester, it was the last time we would see the campus to which we had grown accustomed.

Students share their expectations for the new year

Students pen their expectations for Emerson in the new school year.

Underwhelmed by overcommitment

At all colleges and institutions, the freshman experience is subjective—what may work for one student may not work for another. Our administration should reflect the complexity of the individuals attending our college with an impartial approach to clubs and organizations. Youth is about self-discovery. It’s OK to try new things, fail, and try again—only then can students find a true passion to follow.


College daze: The pitfalls of introspection

This summer, I found myself in Paris staying with a friend of a friend, a person I had never met.

An end-of-year resolution

We know we need to do better, and we can do a lot better.

Give them hell—they can take it

I can only hope that the Emerson community remains at least as critical of this newspaper when I’m no longer a part of it.


What comes next?

Equality might seem unachievable, but it is a crucial goal to work toward.

Letter to the Editor from the SGA executive treasurer

Having served as the SGA Executive Treasurer for two years now, and with the end of my term (and graduation!) rapidly approaching, I wanted to try to address the concerns raised by the Editorial Board surrounding the Financial Advisory Board’s budgetary allocation process as promptly as possible.


Rising tuition, rising doubts

People like me who are representing diverse and life-altering experiences are being silenced by their own college.