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Sound and color: Jean-Michel Basquiat, the hip-hop generation and the world of post-graffiti

Six Crimee, 1982, Jean-Michel Basquiat© Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York

By Joshua Sokol

October 21, 2020

A new exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston pays tribute to hip-hop and graffiti culture, displaying it as a testament to the post-graffiti American art movement.  Titled “Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation,” the exhibition links the American artist Jean-Michel Basqui...

Artists, activists come together for “Memorials: As Monuments Fall” webinar

The Lincoln Statue is set to be taken down in the wake of the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

By Joshua Sokol

October 17, 2020

Historical monuments and who they seek to memorialize have come under harsh scrutiny in 2020. Emerson Contemporary, along with a team of professors and activist artists, came together on Oct. 14 at a virtual panel titled “Memorials: As Monuments Fall,” where they discussed the removal of outdated or offe...

Somerville-based HONK! Festival invited international partners for virtual blowout

Performers at the annual Honk! Festival raise their hands together in celebration.

By Joshua Sokol

October 14, 2020

The Somerville-based HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands looked quite unusual this year due to the impact of COVID-19. But the 2020 fest at the intersection of social activism and thrilling performance made its mark as the largest HONK! lineup yet. From Oct. 5 to Oct. 11, 76 street bands took to th...

Emerson Contemporary debuts new blog, fall exhibit amid pandemic

The Media Art Gallery opened an exhibition for the first time since Covid-19 forced the school's closure in March.

By Karissa Schaefer

October 14, 2020

Six months after the pandemic shuttered its operations, Emerson Contemporary, the college’s visual arts platform, is back with a new blog and in-person exhibit. Emerson Contemporary’s fall theme is art and activism.  The program’s daily online publication aims to feature interviews of artists ...

ArtsEmerson, WERS receive grant money from Boston COVID-19 fund

The Emerson Paramount Center is home to many ArtsEmerson productions.

By Joshua Sokol

October 13, 2020

Two Emerson-affiliated organizations, ArtsEmerson and WERS 88.9, received grant funding from Boston’s $1 million Arts and Culture COVID-19 Fund this summer to maintain operations during the coronavirus pandemic. The amount of money each organization receives—somewhere between $3,000 and $10,0...

Gregg Winik ’84 wins Emmy for docuseries “The Last Dance”

During production of The Last Dance, Gregg Winik (right), current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (left) and former NBA Commissioner David Stern prior to Game 5 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

By Lucia Thorne

October 6, 2020

While documenting Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls in the late 1990s, Gregg Winik ‘84 and the rest of the NBA Entertainment film crew joked that the footage would become either a “great documentary” or “the greatest set of home movies ever assembled.” At the 72nd an...

Boston Book Festival announces virtual lineup, a first for the annual literature festival

Grace Talusan is the 2020 winner of One City One Story with her short story “The Book of Life and Death”

By Katie Redefer, Deputy Living Arts Editor

September 30, 2020

The Boston Book Festival will host a virtual month-long festival — complete with 55 virtual events and several in-person activities spread across the city — for the first time in the nonprofit organization's 12 year history. The online festival will feature 142 presenters and moderators and the maj...

‘Boys State’ docuseries to stream at Emerson Thursday

‘Boys State’ docuseries to stream at Emerson Thursday

By Grace Rispoli

September 22, 2020

“Boys State” takes place during the American Legion’s 2018 Texas Boys State, a week-long program that educates high schoolers as they play politicians in a mock government. Released in August by Apple and A24, the film has quickly proved its relevance in the 2020 election year, giving view...

ArtsEmerson leadership to change in new year

David Dower, left, will leave Emerson in January

By Taina Millsap, Living Arts Editor

September 16, 2020

David Dower will step down from his leadership roles at Emerson’s Office of the Arts, ArtsEmerson, and HowlRound at the end of 2020, according to a college announcement last week.  Current ArtsEmerson Executive Director David C. Howse is slated to take over as Vice President of Emerson’s Offic...

Junior releases debut alternative rap album

Junior Ademir Monteiro releases debut album about around socialization and self-evaluation.

By Shruti Rajkumar

June 15, 2020

After being rejected for a job at Staples three years ago, rising junior Ademir Monteiro did what any rejected applicant would do—write a diss track about the company. As he continued to write songs for fun with his friends, Monteiro slowly realized how much he genuinely enjoyed creating music....

Graduate student uses queer narratives to retell Robin Hood in new novel

Emerson MFA student and professor set to release new novel about queer veterinarians.

May 30, 2020

Anna Burke, first year MFA student and professor at Emerson, was surrounded by feminist fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast when growing up in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Years later, now as a published author, Burke has put out another novel titled Nottingham, a queer retelling of one of her...

Here’s a list of all the winners from the 39th annual Evvy Awards

Here's a list of all the winners from the 39th annual Evvy Awards

By Shruti Rajkumar

May 29, 2020

The 39th Annual EVVY Awards will be live streamed today at 8 p.m. EST. The virtual event was put together by the EVVYs team after the in-person Gala and Majestic shows were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The show consists of motion graphics interspersed with segments that were pre-recorded...

A chat with EVVY Awards hosts Arasha Lalani and Kyle Goold

Kyle Goold (left) and Arasha Lalani (second from left) are set to co-host the 39th annual EVVY Awards show which is taking place virtually due to COVID-19.

By Shruti Rajkumar

May 28, 2020

Rising seniors Arasha Lalani and Kyle Goold dreamed of hosting the EVVYs ever since their freshman year. In October 2019, after an audition singing the Glee version of “Don’t Rain On My Parade” and “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, Lalani and Goold were cast as the co-hosts of the EV...

EVVYs team overcomes logistical barriers to produce first ever online show

The EVVY Awards are set to take place virtually Friday at 8 p.m. EST for the first time in the organization's history.

By Shruti Rajkumar

May 28, 2020

After canceling the in-person show for the 39th annual EVVY Awards due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EVVY’s production team and advisors faced the challenging task of moving the event to an online format in a way that honored students and maintained the show’s core values.  “The EVVYs has b...

Alum publishes debut novel “Darling Rose Gold”

Stephanie Wrobel 19' releases her debut novel titled Darling Rose Gold.

By Erin Renzi

May 9, 2020

After meeting with her thesis reader about her creative writing thesis in 2017, Stephanie Wrobel ‘19 almost scrapped the entire first draft.  “I ended up throwing away the entire thing, except for the two main characters,” Wrobel said in a phone interview from London. “I had written that fi...

Alum’s Ultra-Orthodox Jewish background inspires Hasidic horror film

Elazar Fine '18 makes horror film about a Hasidic community.

By Katiana Hoefle

May 4, 2020

Elazar Fine ‘18 grew up with limited access to film in his Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Watching old Disney VHS tapes at his grandmother’s house and visiting the local movie theater with his uncle inspired Fine to eventually leave his fundamentalist background and develop a passion for filmm...

Alumna returns to Emerson for Fiddler on the Roof tour

Carol Beaugard '78 performs as Yente, for Fiddler on the Roof.

By Juliet Norman, Assistant Opinion Editor

April 8, 2020

Carol Beaugard ‘78 grew up watching and listening to the soundtrack from Fiddler on the Roof. As a little girl, she played a villager in her hometown’s production of the show and the classic musical has since become one of Beaugard’s favorite plays. When the Broadway production of the show cam...

Emerson Theater shuts down amid COVID-19 concerns

Pedestrians pass by Emerson's Paramount Theater.

By Diana Bravo, Assistant News Editor

March 16, 2020

ArtsEmerson and Emerson Stage shut down all performances for the foreseeable future starting Friday.  ArtsEmerson’s Artistic Director David Dower and Executive Director David Howse announced the decision in an email, attributing concerns to the spread of COVID-19 in Boston. The organization is inve...

Alum releases book titled ‘The Quarry’

Ben Halls '14 writes book on a group of working-class men in London and their daily lives.

By Diana Bravo, Assistant News Editor

March 11, 2020

While on campus, Ben Halls ‘14 began writing what would become his first book set in his hometown of London. Originally a class assignment, his book The Quarry, arrived at bookstores in the United Kingdom on Feb. 13. The book is a collection of interconnected short stories centered on a group of working-cla...

Freshmen band to play at WECB 2020 spring event

Freshmen Hailey Freedman, TJ Grant, Elizabeth Enright, and Jake Cabreza start a new band “Identity Crisis.”

By Emily Cardona

February 26, 2020

One night in October 2019, freshmen Hailey Freedman, TJ Grant, Elizabeth Enright, and Jake Cabreza decided, out of boredom, to start a band called Identity Crisis. “We were bored and we figured masturbating will only get us so far,” Cabreza said in an in-person interview. “We are making heroin...

Emerson alumni rely on decades of film making experience to create new festival

Photo credit: Courtesy Alyssa Devine

By Casey Bernhard, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2020

Griffin and Alyssa Devine '10 were directing a play in late 2017 at the Marilyn Monroe Theatre in West Hollywood when the theatre's staff expressed interest in hosting a film festival—the opportunity was too good to pass up for the Emerson alumni. Less than three years later, the duo is set to launch...

Alum takes inspiration from mom to create feature film The Queen of Hollywood Blvd

Alum takes inspiration from mom to create feature film The Queen of Hollywood Blvd

By Erin Renzi

February 19, 2020

Orson Oblowitz ‘09 finds inspiration for all his creative projects in his mother. His first award-winning feature film, The Queen of Hollywood Blvd, features a lead centered around his mom's personality and a role which Oblowitz knew she could embody. The film focuses on Queen Mary’s journe...

EBONI fashion show highlights local designers

Junior Naomi Jones walks the runway at fashion show organized by EBONI. Photo credit: Montse Landeros

By Taina Millsap, Living Arts Editor

February 19, 2020

Emerson students walked the BLK OUT runway in the Lion's Den, in the midst of technical difficulties and Tik Tok dance competitions during intermission, to celebrate Black History Month. The third annual BLK OUT fashion show was hosted by Emerson's Black Organization with Natural Interest, EBONI, S...

Sophomore explores “Jingle Pop” in new extended play

Sophomore explores

By Althea Champion

February 12, 2020

Sophomore Mackenzie Morris was relaxing on a sand dune in Venice Beach, California, listening to music with his friends, when his recently released song "Stuck" began playing. "It just came up and we were, like, screaming it," Morris said. "We were just singing, and we realized that's our art. We...

Emerson artist in residence releases book about transition

Photo credit: Asia Kepka

By Taina Millsap, Living Arts Editor

February 6, 2020

A few months before P. Carl’s fifty-first birthday, just over two years ago, he made the final steps to transition from female to male. Around a year later, in an effort to better understand his own journey, Carl began brainstorming ideas for a book that would document his journey. Carl’s new...

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