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Ableist discourse hurts the disabled community

In 2009, Spread the Word gained traction in the public school system of Colchester, Connecticut, my hometown, as well as in schools across the country. The campaign spread awareness about the derogatory and negative connotations that the “R-word” holds towards

The unseen side effects of slave films

When I was around ten years old, I watched a miniseries titled Roots that explored generations upon generations of slavery. At such a young age, I never connected the characters of Roots and their suffering with my ancestors. As I

Treat coronavirus epidemic with caution, not racism

It’s been more than a month since the first report of the novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China. According to the World Health Organization’s latest Novel Coronavirus Situation Report, as of Feb. 3, there have been 17,391 cases confirmed, of which

We shouldn’t have to adapt foods for Americans

The first time I tried sushi in a Boston restaurant, I noticed something was off — it didn’t taste like the sushi I grew up eating in the Philippines. There was a lack of something but I couldn’t put my

Don’t underestimate the importance of faculty of color

I arrived at Emerson in fall 2018 where I quickly noticed my environment consisted of mostly white students and people. While I never mind being taught by a white professor, I never noticed the impact of learning under a professor

Increase transparency surrounding Section 12 hospitalization

“You’re being held on Section 12 involuntary hospitalization,” the psychiatrist said in a calm and collected manner, seemingly unfazed by the unnerving shrieks of the patient in the adjacent unit. It was 9:30 p.m. and I had been waiting in

The time to take hate speech seriously is now

College officials reported Wednesday that four swastikas were marked in a Piano Row stairwell overnight. An email sent by President M. Lee Pelton said the incident is under investigation and the offenders are unknown. In consulting with officials from different

Recognize me more than just my nationality

As a person who enjoys meeting new people, I hate introducing myself. To be more specific, I hate telling people where I’m from while doing self-introductions because some people are only interested in the fact that I am from China

Stop using addiction-related language for comedic effect

Last January, Devour Foods, a subdivision of the Kraft Heinz Company, aired a Super Bowl commercial to promote their frozen foods. The commercial focuses on a wife who reveals that her husband suffers from frozen food porn addiction. With somber

Black, Angry, and Female? The consequence of stereotypes

I’ve been stereotyped before. Last week, my neighbor told me that I speak like a white person, as if African Americans cannot speak properly. When I was around the age of ten, a counselor at a Girl Scout camp complimented

My drink of choice? Cannabis

My mom peer-pressured me to drink in high school.  When I say peer-pressured, I do not mean she encouraged me to do keg stands or taught me how to play flip cup while downing as many beers as possible. With

Person of Color Column: Filipino food is my love language

This winter break I’m bringing home two suitcases: one full of clothes, one empty.  I’ll fill the empty one with frozen Filipino food like sapin-sapin (layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert), Mama Sita’s special Filipino marinades, silvanas (two frozen cashew-meringue

Are you writing a trash can resume?

Have you ever been ghosted by an internship?  You start by pouring your heart and soul into a word-vomit cover letter and a resume that exemplifies your can-do spirit and your superior efficiency in Microsoft Office. Finally, you press “send” on the

Person of Color Column: Mom, meet my ‘friend’

My high school boyfriend’s dreary old minivan was a staple in our driveway. He hugged my mom when they crossed paths in public, watched football games with my brother, and lovingly tackled my dog when he came through the front

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