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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Professor's art explores global issues with virtual reality

Portal to an Alternative Reality is Professor John Craig Freeman's gallery of augmented and virtual reality projects. It opened at Emerson Urban Arts: Media Art Gallery on Wednesday Sept. 20.


Alumna's documentary supports local food

Last month Haley Thompson '04 completed How We Grow, a documentary about the obstacles young farmers face in order to grow food for locals in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.


Bites and open mics at Center Stage

Center Stage features a small wooden stage surrounded by cafe-style seating, and a store selling drinks and packaged items.


Alumni win big at Creative Arts Emmys

Art director Joe Celli ‘91 said he makes a concerted effort not to get his hopes up at awards shows, since he has lost more than he has won.


Q&A: Claire Alexandra Doyle ‘00

Doyle has worked on projects like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scream Queens , and The Amazing Spider Man and on people like J.J. Abrams, Conor McGregor, and Chris Rock. Speaking with the Beacon, she offered advice and insights from her career.


Alum pens a mixed-breed read for children

Isabel Thottam's children’s book follows a half-labrador, half-poodle, fashion-blogging dog named Joey who one day awakens to find that his signature hairstyle, or “doodle”, has disappeared.

13 Reasons Why jogs your mind of things you ran from

As one Facebook friend of mine phrased it, the show is “trauma porn.” Its goal was to raise awareness for mental illnesses, but for people with mental illness, all it does is bring back memories they don’t want to remember.


ASIA showcases storytellers in annual gala

“There is this need for a platform or venue for Asian-American and Pacific Islander identifying students to showcase their work,” Moriya said.


Connor Abeles collaborates to create mixtape

“Over the past year I met all of these wonderfully talented musicians, people who were very down to pour their own flavor into this concept and this vision that I had,” Abeles said. “This project would not be anywhere near what it is and what it’s going to be without these people.”


Storytelling group delves into freshman fiascos

Ramos has been trying to figure out a way to bring people together to talk about their past experiences for a while and decided last month that this would be the perfect way to get everyone together.


Alum dives into "past life" on Titanic

When Paul Amirault ’85 heard Emerson Stage was performing Titanic this semester, he laughed. Amirault said he remembers the infamous shipwreck as if he was there, and he’ll tell you he sort of was.

Hot takes: Media does more than entertain

TV shows, movies, and podcasts that'll enlighten as well as entertain.

Video game soundtracks edging towards cinema

These days, video games are striving to convey grander stories, and game music has begun to closely emulate the examples set by movies.


‘Bob's Burgers’ writer shares experience as an Asian-American

Kelvin Yu, now well-known as a writer and producer of Bob’s Burgers, and for his role on Master of None, visited Monday as the keynote speaker for Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness’ Asian Heritage Month.

The Joshua Tree: The ultimate playlist

But the more that I think about the playlist, the more I think, Isn’t an album, in a way, a playlist?