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Sunday, November 19, 2017

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Freshman founds Muslim Student Association

“I wouldn’t say [my experience at Emerson] was negative, but it was lonely,” DeBruyn said. “There really wasn’t any forum where Muslim kids could meet.”

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Chase Ybarra finds funds to finish final semester

“I can now totally and completely focus on school and not worry about the money aspect or if I’m going to be able to graduate,” he said.

Sex column: Common mis-contraceptions

Getting tested is your responsibility. Safe sex can only be safe if you and your partner are transparent with one another.

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ASIA to host conference with panel, performances

“It will be a time for students to have a conversation with them, because sometimes it’s really hard for us to necessarily know who Asian-American mentors are on campus,” Liu said.

Spacey's sexuality is no excuse for past assaults

For most of us in the community, coming out is a moment when we can finally be ourselves.

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em Mag editor-in-chief photographs Fall Collection

“Fashion Week was hectic, but it was also the most rewarding, tiring, awful, and amazing three days,” Ward said.

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Style Column: Dress to regret

I live by a very simple maxim: Dress to regret. Not in the moment, of course. Always wear clothes you like.

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Raíz Latinoamericana spreads roots on campus

“I want to take photographs of those here at Emerson who identify themselves as Latin,” Romero said. “I want to break stereotypes the media has portrayed us as by asking how they identify themselves as Latin American.”  

EAGLE hosts Queer History Month

“[Being queer] is not something to shun but to be embraced, to be proud of,” Henderson-West said. “The best way to help that cause is to inform and to educate, and bring people together.”

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Freshmen aim to start summer camp

“I hope [the children] find friendships like the ones I found,” Kumar said. “I hope they find support through it and I hope it’s a safe place for them, something they always look forward to coming back to.”

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Bites with Becca: A lesson in loving leftovers

There's only one thing better than a home cooked meal. I'm talking about the hero of brown bag lunches and impromptu sandwiches. It’s a blessing, it’s a lifesaver — I'm talking leftovers.

Love Column: An online dating recipe for disaster

I don’t do online dating. I wish I did, but I just don’t. I would rather ruin a relationship with someone I know in real life, you know? I’m into making places I frequent real awkward for myself.

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SheCult collective plans to publish magazine

“We want to serve as a collective in the sense that we’re more encompassing than just a platform for the school, which we do exist in and within, but we want to open it up to Boston and beyond,” Barber said.