New SGA initiatives aim to improve college

The Student Government Association introduced three expansive documents suggesting solutions to what it claims constituents view as the college’s most pressing problems—academics, finance, and transparency.

The Academic Initiative, a document produced by SGA every year, calls for wide-ranging changes based on student feedback collected throughout the year. Suggestions in the document are organized by department.

SGA also released two brand new documents—the Financial Accountability Initiative and Proposed Initiatives. The former focuses on the way the college spends and allocates its money, while the latter addresses issues unrelated to either academics or budgets, like space-allocation policies.

The three documents are subject to edits in the next week before SGA votes to approve and send them to administration after April 24.

Financial Accountability Initiative 

Download (PDF, 347KB)

Proposed Initiatives

Download (PDF, 161KB)

Academic Initiative

Download (PDF, 246KB)


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