134 Boylston St. begets yet another burger joint


Photo: Jack

Fresh beef on a toasted potato bun, topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a house sauce. Pickled cherry peppers lathered in chipotle mayo, hot sauce, pepper jack cheese, and lettuce. Or ground turkey piled high with orange cranberry relish, lettuce, and tomato. These creative twists on burgers and hot dogs will soon be available right on Boylston Street, when Griddler’s Burgers and Dogs opens up a second Boston location.

The diner-style joint, known in its existing Beacon Hill location for the gold and red accented logo and décor, will be opening at 134 Boylston St. between the Walker Building and Piano Row. It will be filling the vacancy left by Four Burgers, which closed its doors in December 2013.

“This location will be the Griddler’s flagship,” said Susannah Grossman, the public relations manager for the chain. “[It will feature] a new look and updated menu.”

Griddler’s menu, according to its website, serves up a range of burgers, hot dogs, and shakes. The menu offers other items, including chicken and fish. The company specializes in producing unique versions of traditional American favorites, like burgers and hot dogs. The Engine #4 Dog, for example, tops a hot dog with cherry peppers, banana peppers, hot sauce, bleu cheese, and lettuce. For those looking to mix up the average burger patty, the Mushroom Melt Griddler features sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and a house barbeque sauce.

The restaurant also serves a long list of milkshakes, with traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry varieties as well as fun flavors like Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loop.

The new location, Grossman said, will allow the company to add more products that would cater to the college crowd. They plan on adding items like burger sliders and chocolate-covered bacon, she said.

Students can also choose from a menu of cheap combos for $7 – $9.50. The restaurant also advertises Griddler’s 6 Pack of Burgers, where diners can pick up a selection of burgers, either plain ($22.50), topped with cheese ($25.50), or topped with cheese and bacon ($31).

The inside of the original Griddler’s is casual and simple. Chalkboards with handwritten lists display the menu and their ingredients, and brick walls contrast with faux wood tables and plastic chairs.

 Griddler’s plans to have the Boylston Street location available for eat-in and takeout, and open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Grossman said that the company intends to accept ECCash.

Several students said they were interested in having the dining option coming near campus.

Danielle David, a junior visual and media arts major, said she misses Four Burgers, but is looking forward to something new. And Trevor Mcinnes, a sophomore visual and media arts major, said that he is excited that the restaurant will be opening close to where he lives in Piano Row.

The reasonable prices, Mcinnes said, are what he is looking forward to most.

“The price of getting a burger, waffle fries, and a soda is the price of one Chipotle burrito,” he said.

A burger combo at Griddler’s is $7, while a standard burrito with chicken at Chipotle is $6.25.

Samantha Kennedy, a sophomore performing arts major, said that, while she liked Four Burgers, she wasn’t too upset when it closed. She said she is welcoming the new restaurant with open arms.

“I think [Griddler’s] burgers are good,” said Kennedy. “I’ll probably end up trying the new burger place as a break from school food.”

The new burger joint has not yet set an opening date.