3/3 Crime Log

Tuesday Feb. 23

The Boston Fire Department and the Emerson College Police Department responded to the Little Building for a fire alarm. The cause was smoke from burning grease on a grill in the dining hall. There were no fire or injuries to report.

ECPD investigated a person who was loitering inside Emerson’s Cafe. The person was found to have outstanding warrants for their arrest and was detained.


Thursday Feb. 25

ECPD and BFD investigated a fire alarm in the Piano Row residence hall. The cause was a student who overcooked food inside a microwave oven. 

ECPD met with Office of Housing and Residence Life staff members who reported a strong odor of marijuana coming from a suite in the Little Building. The residents turned over a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia to ECPD.


Friday Feb. 26

Emerson staff reported that a person had tried to gain access to their work space in the CityPlace building. The person was escorted from the area by building security.


Saturday Feb. 27

OHRL reported to ECPD that they saw drug paraphernalia while investigating a noise complaint in the Little Building. ECPD confiscated the paraphernalia, used to smoke marijuana, and also empty liquor bottles.


Sunday Feb. 28

A student report the theft of personal property from their dorm room in Piano Row.