4/7 Crime Log

Monday, March 28

The Emerson College Police Department investigated a report of an individual who ignored a Securitas guard’s request to stop, and entered the Little Building. Officers were able to find the person and remove him from college property.


Tuesday, March 29

ECPD officers responded to a Securitas guard’s request for assistance with student access in the Little Building.


A staff member reported to ECPD that they found a cash register inside a bathroom in the Paramount Theater. A preliminary investigation revealed that someone had removed the register from a lobby and attempted to pry it open. This incident is currently under investigation.


ECPD investigated a report of an individual who refused to leave the Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym upon its closing. Officers found the student hiding inside a stall inside the women’s restroom and removed the person from the area. The report was sent to the Office of Student Conduct.


Friday, April 1

A student reported seeing another student exiting an elevator of the Little Building with a box that seemed to contain an airsoft or pellet gun. An ECPD officer responded and found the student. The box contained a plastic toy rifle that was being used as a prop in a performance.  The student was informed of the procedure to obtain approval for a prop weapon, and told to remove it from campus.


Saturday, April 2

ECPD and the Boston Fire Department responded to the Colonial Building residence hall for a fire alarm. A student reported that while moving a cart, they accidentally struck a pull station causing it to activate. There were no fire or injuries to report.


A student reported three suspicious individuals roaming the Colonial Building. Officers conducted a search of the building and found the three in an unauthorized area of the basement. The three were identified as students who had entered the building to scout areas for a film shoot.

Sunday, April 3

ECPD found several students inside the closed gym in Piano Row. The students were told the gym was closed and removed from the area.