A junior’s street fashions on wheels


Derrick Cheung, a junior marketing major, is taking advantage of all Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship (E3) has to offer. And for his company, Green Street Vault, he’s going to need some T-shirts, shoes, and an ice- cream truck.

Cheung’s company is a cousin to the refrigerator-on-wheels Mr. Softie, but instead of refreshing melty treats, Cheung plans to have his truck stocked with fresh sneakers and crisp apparel.

Green Street Vault is set to launch June 1 and is looking forward to spending the summer on the road selling sneakers, clothing, and hats to Boston and its surrounding suburbs.

Cheung said that the idea came from his business partner, Howard Travis, a former general manager of The North Face store on Newbury Street. Travis thought that delivering sneakers would be a viable way to make money.

“These kids come to Boston for their once-a-year big shopping trip,” said Cheung. “We’re going to completely change that model by going to where they are and saving them the trip.”

The next step was getting their company legitimized and finding brands that they could use, he said. For this upcoming summer, Green Street Vault will carry the spring/summer lines for Society Original Products, Bodega, Annie Mulz, e.5.charlie, PUZL, Boppo!, and At The Buzzer.

“We buy from them and choose the sneakers, hats, shirts, everything,” said Cheung. “We wholesale from them, buy at a discounted rate, and sell at the retail price.”

Cheung said that though the process is frustrating, he’s happy to have had the E3 experience to work off of.

“The class steered me in the complete right direction,” he said. “It’s stressful now, but that’s how I like to run.”