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A night of intimacy and dreamy melodies: Cigarettes After Sex live


In the heart of the city, nestled within the confines of the MGM Fenway Music Hall, a transformational experience awaited the eager souls gathered there on the night of Sept. 8th. The stage was set with vintage movie scenes playing through a projector as the sold-out crowd buzzed with excitement, their hearts pounding in anticipation. 

Time seemed to slow down, the world outside faded away, and all that mattered was the ethereal music about to envelop their senses. 

As anticipation peaked, a shroud of darkness descended upon MGM—a dramatic prelude to the enchanting spectacle unfolding. 

In all their enigmatic glory, the band took their positions, poised to cast their musical spell upon the expectant crowd. With a hushed collective breath, the performance commenced with the haunting strains of “Crush,” a profoundly intimate composition adorned with soul-stirring melodies and the deliberate dance of guitar riffs that seemed to caress the essence of emotion. 

One standout moment of the evening, cherished personally, was the rendition of “John Wayne.” As the band bathed in the direct spotlight, their silhouettes cast long, captivating shadows upon the stage. In this luminous aura, they wove a spellbinding atmosphere, invoking the essence of the song’s narrative. Against this mesmerizing visual, the lyrics unfolded with an arresting resonance—”living like he’s John Wayne / always facing the world or chasing the girl—” taking on a profound and timeless significance.

The room underwent a delightful transformation as the first notes of “Sweet” reverberated through the venue. A palpable euphoria swept over the crowd like a warm, comforting embrace. The lyrics, “It’s so sweet knowing that you love me / though we don’t need to say it to each other,” blared from the speakers.

At the moment, the band’s music served as a catalyst, infusing the space with an infectious energy that elicited smiles, swaying bodies, and a collective sense of joy. In a spontaneous and beautiful display of unity, the crowd raised their phone lights high in the air, creating a breathtaking constellation mirroring the emotions of the music. 

The apex of the evening’s magic unfurled during the closing act. Cigarettes After Sex began to serenade the crowd with the soul-stirring melodies of “Apocalypse” and “Dreaming of You.” It was as if the music had summoned a divine spectacle, for an awe-inspiring scene began to take shape above the stage. Like a cascade of dreams materializing, delicate white-snow confetti descended gracefully from the ceiling. Each flake, suspended in mid-air, added to the enchantment, crafting an illusion of a fine snowfall that transported the audience to a world of pure enchantment.

Amid the cascading snowflakes, the stage was shrouded in shadowed backlighting, casting an aura over the musicians. At that moment, it felt as though we had collectively stepped into the heart of the coldest winter night, where time seemed to hold its breath beneath a pristine quilt of snow. The contrast between the frosty tableau above and the poignant melodies was palpable, a juxtaposition defining the night’s emotional narrative.

As the haunting lyrics of “Apocalypse” unfurled, lines like, “Sharing all your secrets with each other since you were kids / Sleeping soundly with the locket she gave you clutched in your fist,” resonated deep within the audience’s souls. An emotional alchemy, an exquisite fusion of visuals and music, attracted everyone. 

The collective experience of the concert transcended the boundaries of mere performance, etching itself into the core of our collective memory. In that moment of profound beauty and emotional resonance, it became abundantly clear that this night with Cigarettes After Sex was destined to become a cherished memory for all who had the privilege to be a part of it. 

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Clara Faulkner, Operations Managing Editor
Clara Faulkner wears multiple hats at the Beacon, serving as both the Business Director and the Living Arts Editor. Prior to assuming these roles, she demonstrated her expertise as an assistant editor, specializing in living arts—a domain she is deeply passionate about, fueled by her love for pop culture and entertainment. Additionally, Clara served as a writer for the Boston Globe, Boston.com, is a part of NBCUniversal Entertainment Group, and contributed to the music team at Intersect Magazine. In addition to her editorial responsibilities, Clara actively participates in various campus organizations, including SPJ, Associate Entertainment Producer at WEBN-TV, programming director at WECB. fm, and AEPHI. Outside of her writing pursuits, Clara immerses herself in culinary exploration, cinematic enjoyment, and language acquisition, consistently seeking fresh experiences and knowledge.

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