Aamp;E Web sites that get The Beacon#039;s stamp of approval

Even though its hard to believe, it is in fact Spring, and with the warm weather approaching, it’s time to dust off your walking shoes, get out and enjoy the Boston arts scene. Here is a buffet of tools we recommend to satisfy your hunger for all things artful and entertaining in Beantown. Whether you are looking for an awesome art exhibition, a cool concert, a perfect performance and/or a fabulous film, these sites are a hit.

a href=”http://www.bostonist.com”bBostonist.com/b/a – iDaily events/i

Bostonist.com is a Web site devoted to all things a Bostonian in the know should know. The site offers a variety of breaking news, sports reports and feature stories about Beantown. The most prolific page on the site however is the arts and events page. Bostonist covers most if not all of the city’s most interesting and unique art, music, theater and film events. They also have a great daily feature titled “Happenings.” Under this headline, the site offers a list of events happening that day. This site is the one to check when you realize you have nothing planned for the evening and are looking for a last minute event.

a href=”http://www.bigredandshiny.com”bBigredandshiny.com/b/a – iArt/i

Boston has a ton of art galleries and events that are off the beaten path. As an online art journal, Big Red and Shiny is here to tell you everything that is happening in the visual art scene. The site features art reviews and columns, as well as a long list of very informative art event listings. Big Red and Shiny will definitely keep you abreast of art news and ongoing. Another great asset of the page is their tools for artists. Anyone can post information about their event under the event listings, or search the “calls for work” section to see if any galleries and organizations are in need of artistic talent.

a href=”http://www.bradleysalmanac.com”bBradleysalmanac.com/b/a – iMusic/i

The Boston music scene can be a tough one to follow. With the many bands playing at the many different venues in the many different Boston neighborhoods, it can be hard to weed out the good acts from the iGuitar Hero/i hacks. Bradley’s Almanac provides a spot on set of reviews of the month’s live music shows and listings of great shows to come. If you’re not interested in reviews and simply want to be in the know about the soundly-scene, “the ‘nac” offers a list of noteworthy music events all around town, concert photos, mp3s of their top picks, and a long list of other music blogs and informative sites about live music in the Hub.

a href=”http://www.artsboston.com”bArtsBoston.com/b/a – iMusic/i

Artsboston.org serves as a window into a world kept quiet by most media sources. This site offers a lengthy list of theater, dance, visual art and classical music performances happening in the city. If you are looking forward to attending an upscale night at the opera, ballet, or orchestra, this is certainly a site to pull up as you tighten your tie. A series of thumbnails makes up the homepage, displaying dancing ballerinas, women playing pianos, strumming basses, and actors caught in the midst of serious dramas and hilarious comedies. The title and location of each show sits under each picture, and when a thumbnail is clicked a description of the show is given along with ticket information.

a href=”http://www.antiplex.org”bAntiplex.org/b/a – iMovies/i

Any Bostonian can pick up a newspaper and read about this weekend’s big blockbuster. But at antiplex.com, you can seem in the know by quoting a scene from that underground indie cult flick that’s in French with German subtitles directed by Australian bounty hunters that you saw at The Harvard Film Archive. Antiplex.com shares upcoming films and film events at Boston area independent movie houses like The Brattle Theatre, Harvard Film Archive, The Coolidge Corner Theater and the Museum of Fine Arts. On Antiplex, you can read reviews, watch trailers, and plan a movie night every day of the week.