‘Animal Adventures’ brings exotic animals to Little Building

By Bailey Allen and Qiuyang Chen

Kangaroos, porcupines, owls, foxes, and more exotic animals from “Animal Adventures,” a Boston-based family zoo and animal rescue center, arrived in Little Building on Sept. 24, for an event hosted by Emerson Mane Events, for students to learn about and interact with.

The animal-themed event was hosted by Emerson Mane Events and co-sponsored by Off-Campus Student Services and Little Building Housing and Residence Education, offering a wide range of activities such as creating stuffed animals and eating hors d’oeuvres like chicken skewers and mini pineapple upside-down cakes. Balloons decorated with animal print lined the stairway of the Student Performance Center, leading down to the main attraction—the live animal experience.

Handlers brought out a kangaroo, hedgehog, porcupine, owl, and chinchilla, among other small animals, to the delight of the students. The queue of eager Emersonians stretched out the door of the black box and down the hall, everyone waiting for their turn to greet the exotic animals. 

Students exchanged excited glances and spoke in hushed tones as they approached each animal. One by one, each willing attendee got to pet them, and often took out their phone cameras to capture the moment.

Outside of the animal room, students made their own plush toys at a teddy bear stuffing station, which was complete with birth certificates and custom “Emerson Mane Event” t-shirts. With their party favors in hand, students left Friday’s event with smiles on their faces.