Anti-abortion protesters picket near the Little Building


divPro-life advocates demonstrated on the corner of Tremont and Boylston streets today across from the Little Building./div


Large signs displaying graphic photographs of aborted fetuses with messages like “The Insanity of ‘Choice’” were the first thing pedestrians see when walking to and from their destinations.

“It was just very violent and disturbing,” said Nash Hightower, sophomore acting major, “I’m pro-choice and I don’t usually think about the after products of abortion.”

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform organized the protest today. The group usually hits college campuses and has gone to over half a dozen schools including University of Philadelphia, University of Delaware, and University of Kentucky according to Director Leslie Sneddon.

“We feel that because it’s a college campus and people are learning it’s a great place for dialogue and discussion,” Sneddon said in an interview.

Members of the organization handed out literature to passersby, including pamphlets about fathers of aborted children, how abortion can be linked to genocide, and numbers to call for different services.

One protester, Frank Dattilio, said they have support systems for women who have experienced an abortion.

“They’re very compassionate, very healing, non-judgmental,” Dattilio said. “We’re not saying call your legislature, we’re not saying we’re against abortion, we’re just saying this is how they do it.”

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