Anti-Semitic graffiti debases the entire community

Dear Editor,

Late last week, two incidents of anti-Semitic graffiti were discovered in one of the library bathrooms. These incidents were reported to Public Safety and the offensive language has been removed, but I want to make it clear to those who viewed or heard about these incidents, and to the Emerson community at large, that this type of hate speech is unacceptable in our library or anywhere on our campus.

While our library has long been a place where free expression is championed and censorship opposed, it is important to distinguish between those worthy aspirations and the use of hurtful language intended to degrade or intimidate individuals or groups based on their race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. It is essential that incidents like this be addressed promptly, so I ask that anyone who has information about this incident, or discovers similar incidents in the future, to contact Public Safety or me immediately.

-Robert Fleming

Executive Director

Iwasaki Library