April Fools: PoMo performance on Boylston

A rhythmic free-form chanting could be heard above the strummed chords of a guitar and ukulele, as one student-who wished to be identified only as Docter Plant because he said assuming a new identity was essential to the intent of his perfomance-plucked two dead perch from a bucket of ice.

He then gutted the fish, tossing the gizzards onto the sidewalk in front of the Little Building.

“This is what happens when it gets warm,” said Matthew Weikel, a senior film major.

Perhaps a rite of spring, artistic expression or just some heavy weirdness, the seven students acted out their impulses of spring for scores of befuddled and amused passersby in front of the Little Building Tuesday afternoon.

“We are redefining April Fool’s seven days a week, from now and for the rest of the year, for here and where they were,” said Jesse Posner, a senior acting and animation major, in an interview after the performance.

The group performed for over an hour. One performer standing on a step ladder strummed a guitar and pronounced that in twenty years, mad cow disease would be the next AIDS. Also, that Dada, a 70’s art movement that promoted the absurd, meant “hobbyhorse.”

One passing student, upon hearing the commotion, grinned and said, “I hate Emerson College.”