Basketball Tourney

This time around, however, a number of rule changes have been made to the format.,The Emerson Athletics Department will be sponsoring a co-ed intramural basketball tournament in the Piano Row Gymansium at 6 p.m. on April 30. It will be the second of its kind to take place this school year, after a similar event was held in December.

This time around, however, a number of rule changes have been made to the format. Instead of teams being forced to have at least one male player and one female player on their roster, like during the initial event, teams can be all-male or all-female.

Another difference will be the inclusion of varsity players. In December, members of the men’s and women’s basketball teams at Emerson were not allowed to participate. However, teams will now be allowed to have up to two varsity athletes play for them.

The format of the tournament will be round-robin, with each team assured of playing multiple games before a playoff round.

Like in the first event, Emerson students, faculty, alumni and staff will be allowed to participate. Additionally, students from Mass Art and Berklee will also be allowed to enter.

This will be the fourth intramural event hosted by the Athletics Department this year. Aside from the first basketball tournament, there have also been soccer and dodgeball events.

The deadline to sign-up is April 25. There is no fee to play, and any interested parties can sign up in the Athletics Department. Any questions should be directed to Emerson volleyball Head Coach Craig LeTourneau.