Beacon Bartending: Love Potion #9

Nothing says romance quite like a candlelit, night in. Let this love potion work it’s magic. For you single souls out there, the love potion would be a hit at a night in with friends.

b3 oz. vodka/b – itry citrus for an nice twist/i

b2 oz. pomegranate juice/b – iif you aren’t into pomegranate try cranberry/i

b5 oz. lemon juice/b

bSimple syrup to taste/b

You can make this like a martini and shake it with ice. Pour the mixture into a cup full of ice, and pour it out without the ice or with as little ice as possible into cocktail glasses. If you like your drinks stronger, the less cubes the better. If you want to make a fun frozen drink, pour the mixture and ice into a blender. Blend until smooth, pour into glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint, some berries or a little bit of zested orange peel.

(Under 21? That’s okay, nothing wrong with a virgin love potion.)