Beacon How: Wandless enchantments

Jory Block is keeping the magic alive at Emerson and he is not a member of the Quidditch team. With his mind-boggling magic tricks and sword swallowing talents, this writing, literature and publishing major has more than words up his sleeve.

He began his wandless magic at the age of eight in his hometown, Cincinnati, Ohio where he worked for Haines House of Cards Inc. as a magic demonstrator. There Block performed shows for customers until the age of 18. He then moved to Florida and designed and practiced illusion shows. During this time he traveled to summer camps to perform and teach his tricks to children.

At Emerson he has shown his stuff on the Cutler Majestic Theatre’s stage for Open Mic Night on Feb. 10, In the Semel Theater for the Parents Leadership Council on March 20 and will perform for the 28th Annual EVVY Awards in May. For iBeacon How/i, Block has revealed one of his many magical secrets and explained how to make a coin disappear before your very eyes.

bCoining new magic: Shake it like a saltshaker/b

1. Begin sitting. On a flat surface, place a saltshaker on top of a coin with

the coin showing.

2. Cover the saltshaker completely with a paper napkin.

3. Count “1,2,3” out loud to your audience. Lift the saltshaker off the coin

and move it towards your body, leaving the coin on the table.

4. Count “1,2,3” and move the saltshaker towards your body again as

a second attempt to make the coin disappear. But this time drop the

shaker into your lap while keeping the napkin in the form of the saltshaker

Your audience’s focus should be on the coin.

5. Count “1,2,3” again. The coin remains in place underneath the formed


6. Apologize for being unable to vanish the coin and flatten the form of the

napkin to the table in mock frustration. Instead of making a coin disappear

you will fool your audience with a disappearing saltshaker.