Beacon How: Yo-yo tricks, no strings attached

Jeffrey Coons knows how to work a yo-yo and he has got a braintwister that is sure to tie you up for hours. Yo-yos prove that what goes up must come down, but with a little practice and some help from Coons, anyone can tame an old toy on a string to do new tricks. Featured in iThe Beacon/i for his skills in September of 2008, the freshman post-production major has strung together a series of performances in and around campus including the Open Mic at the Cutler Majestic Theatre on February 10. Coons, sponsored by Duncan Toys, recently took home three Massachusetts State Championship titles from the American Yo-Yo Association and four prize yo-yos valued at $300. Although this local expert boasts an array of different tricks, he has chosen the Braintwister for this installment of iBeacon/i How for what he says is the easiest trick to teach any right-handed man or woman. (Sorry lefties.)

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iVideo by Kelly Smith, produced by Steve Klise/i