As the coaches shout instructions and the players feverishly rotate and switch sides, senior co-captain Kelly Gloor is parked right in front of the net-home sweet home for a setter.,In the depths of Piano Row, the Emerson women’s volleyball team is hard at work preparing for a game against Emmanuel College.

As the coaches shout instructions and the players feverishly rotate and switch sides, senior co-captain Kelly Gloor is parked right in front of the net-home sweet home for a setter.

In between plays, Gloor encourages her teammates to keep moving and playing until the end.

It may just be a practice, but Gloor knows the importance of hard work and resiliency on the court.

“I try to keep a positive attitude as much as possible and shake my mistakes off,” Gloor said. “I just try to stay in the game and play until the end.”

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Ann Miklus, second-year head coach of the team, agrees that Gloor is a huge motivator.

“She makes sure to keep the team together. Team unity,” Miklus said.

While keeping the team focused is no small task, the setter position is one of great importance on the court. It is a position that requires the command of a well-rounded athlete.

“Kelly’s role is to run that team out there, so her role has a huge impact on all the players out there,” Miklus said.

When it comes to being passionate and well rounded, Gloor has these attributes in spades.

In addition to the crucial role she plays on the volleyball team, Gloor keeps herself busy with a full slate of activities.

Some of the many endeavors Gloor has taken on while at Emerson include two internships, becoming a member of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, two stints as an orientation leader, a membership with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and holding down a job as a server at Boston Beer Works.

Gloor takes the activities in stride due to the passion she has for everything she does.

“I don’t do anything unless it’s something that my heart is into,” she said. “So everything that I choose activity-wise and what I do, I’m going to put everything into it.”

Gloor carries a certain sense of modesty with her that resonates when she speaks about her teammates.

“When it comes to volleyball, it’s all about the team. I don’t think it’s really about any standout players. The game doesn’t work unless you’re going to play with your team,” she said.

While Gloor claims she fell in love with volleyball in her freshman year at Paramus Catholic High School in New Jersey, her most vivid volleyball memory occurred later in her volleyball career.

Last year’s loss to Rivier College in the playoffs was a sore spot for some, but it is a game that Gloor said she will not forget.

“We just came out and played like I’ve never seen [before],” Gloor said. “It all flowed and came together and it was absolutely incredible to watch.”

Gloor, still modest, fails to mention her individual performance in the match. Coach Miklus, though, also remembers the Rivier game vividly.

“[Kelly] had probably the best game that I saw her play,” Miklus reflects. “When she turns it on, when she knows that she really has to get it done, she will get it done and she was a huge part of how we did so well.”

On Oct. 11, Emerson will host the Rivier Raiders. The game is the first match-up of the season against the team that knocked the Lions out of the playoffs last year.

When asked about getting revenge on the Raiders this season, Gloor flashed a smile before bursting out with a not-so-modest “Hell yes!”