Beacon’s Declassified: An Emerson Survival Guide

Welcome transfers! Starting at a new school, especially mid-year when everyone has pretty much clicked with their cliques, can be scary. But have no fear, because we’re about to reveal all the insider-info. Without further ado, we give you the never-before-seen, Beacon’s Declassified Emerson Survival Guide!

1. The Secret Elevator in the Walker Building.It only takes one class to witness the hot mess that ensues in the lobby of the Walker building as everyone waits to cram into those tiny gilded elevators. To avoid delays on your way to floors 2,4,5 and 6, walk to the back entrance of the building located in the Boylston Place alley (next to the Welcome Center) and enjoy a luxurious ride up in the roomy elevators.

2. Fact: there is no pool at Emerson. Don’t fall victim to the older than dirt tradition of being sent to the pool located on the roof. If you’d like to go for a swim, for about $40 per month you can purchase memberships at the YMCA, located right past the Wang Theatre on Tremont. Otherwise, save swimming for the summer child.

3. Yes, those are the Knicks. Danilo Gallinari checking himself out in the Piano Row windows? Ronny Turiaf sauntering down Boylston? Don’t freak out if you see a bunch of giants in basketball jerseys pass you on the street: they’re just the NBA champs who practice in our “secret” Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym located on the lower level of Piano Row.

4. Trick or Treats are for Hungry College Kids. If you thought you were too old for trick-or-treating, think again — the houses on Beacon Hill give out king-size candy bars. Just make it to next semester and you can pitch that Energy Bill you wrote up in your spare time to John Kerry personally! Or avoid a foot-in-mouth moment by chewing it over with a king-size Twix.

5. Beware of Windy Corner. Do yourself a favor and bundle up extra warm if you’re planning on voyaging to Ansin. Also, if you have a need to head south from that corner, you can stay out of the wind by cutting through the Little Building from the Tremont exit, placing you next to the Cutler Majestic.

6. New York Pizza is open late. At least later than most Boston food joints. NYP is open until 2 a.m. on weekends and 1 a.m. on weeknights, but after 11 p.m. their by-the-slice options are limited to only cheese or pepperoni. This late-night heaven is located right past 216 Tremont.

7. We don’t have math classes but we have Mike Brown. Professor Brown is quite possibly the most famous of Emerson professors when it comes to the scary factor. He is tough. He requires work. But every student who has taken a “Mike Brown Class” sings his praises until graduation day and beyond. Make it a point to take a class with him even if it costs you an elective. Don’t let him see you cry…

8. ECCash is now accepted at the nearest CVS, Boloco, Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe, Crazy Dough’s Pizza, Lambert’s Market, and Sal’s Pizza.

9. There are pianos in Piano Row. Not only is it  the building located next to a piano store, but on the lower level of this residence hall, there are a number of student offices (among them the Beacon’s) and soundproof rehearsal spaces, some of which feature pianos. Finally, you can practice that annoying, er, traditional bagpipe you’ve been driving your roommate bonkers with.

10. The ProArts Consortium is cool. Chances are you’ve heard about the “Will and Grace” set located in our Iwasaki Library, and at some point during the semester, you may curse that set for taking up valuable space which could have contained the book you needed. Worry not! Emerson is part of the ProArts Consortium — which you should check out not only if you’re interested in taking classes at MassART or Berkeley College of Music, but also because it gives us access to Suffolk University’s library just up Tremont. Grab a book from there and then savor that lovely space we revere.