Best Prof. Pro 1.0

Performing Arts:

Bethany Nelson

“Bethany Nelson is literally one of the most inspirational teachers I’ve ever had; she’s a great teacher and definitely gave me the tools I needed,” said Katie Johnson, a theater education senior.



Phil Glenn

“He gets to know his students’ learning styles and applies them to the classroom,” said Emily Dyess, a communication studies junior.


Sciences and


Shelley Lipshultz

“She’s a very clear instructor. She always made sure we understood the material,” said Bonnie Ong, a communication sciences and disorders major.


Tim Riley

“Tim Riley is the man. He is a good teacher even though some people say otherwise. He’s a really great guy and I’m actually considering taking another one of his classes, and if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t take the class,” said Lucas Parolin, a print and multimedia journalism sophomore.

Writing, Literature, and Publishing:

Mike Heppner

“I’m in one of his workshops right now, and I feel like I’m getting my bang for my buck every Monday and Wednesday. His criticism is nothing but constructive, and his teaching style is such that you don’t even realize all the techniques and tricks you’re picking up through his analysis,” said Nicole Kemspter, a writing, literature and publishing freshman.

Visual and Media


Maurice Methot

“He does things in a unique way. Instead of telling you how to do things, he introduces the tools and lets you figure them out for yourself,” said Johnny Havens, a visual and media arts freshman.



Thomas Tominac

“He really does stuff outside the box. His class is structured very differently from other classes and it offers a totally different perspective than other marketing classes,” said Alfredo Gil, marketing communication junior.