Bodies collide in the sexy, sultry Black amp; White ballet

Glamorous costumes, prima ballerinas on dainty toes and ornate backgrounds are usually what the Boston Ballet calls to mind. But swans and magical nutcrackers, along with any other prim and proper practices of ballet are tossed out the window with Jiriacute; Kyliaacute;n’s iBlack White/i.

Composed of five short ballet programs, iBlack White/i, which will be playing at the Citi Wang Theatre Feb. 12 – Feb. 15, challenges theater-goers to abandon all their ideas of what ballet should be and embrace all that ballet could be: provocative, inventive and innately human. Boston Ballet is the first company outside of Nederland Dans Theatre in the Netherlands to perform the entire program. In 2005, they premiered two parts of iBlack White/i to critical acclaim: iFalling Angels/i and iSarabande/i.

Two empty strapless black dresses with full, billowing skirts stand alone on a vacant rehearsal space on the day of the final studio run through of Kyliaacute;n’s creation. Violins swell and then jab at the air in this first arrangement of iBlack White/i, iNo More Play/i (1988). Anton Webern’s iFuuml;nf S