Boylston Place crane to be disassembled

After more than half a year in its shadow, Emerson will say goodbye to the towering crane—named “Ucrane Bolt” by students—at the 2 Boylston Place construction site.

The crane, installed last March, is scheduled to be disassembled Nov. 4–7, according to an email to the Emerson community from Associate Vice President for Government and Community Relations Peggy Ings and Director of Construction Management Mike Faia.

The email warned that construction noise will increase for Piano Row staff and residents, and that the sound may also affect offices in Piano Row’s lower level. Ings said that construction will halt at night.

The 350-foot tall crane’s disassembly is the latest development in the construction of the new residence hall that will house 375 students. The project began summer 2015, and is scheduled to be completed next fall in conjunction with the closing of the Little Building for renovation.

Ings said that to take down the crane, Emerson will have to use another, smaller one in a process that will effectively reverse the initial installation.

Despite the noise warning, multiple Piano Row students said they weren’t worried that they would be disturbed by the noise caused by construction.

“I don’t think it will affect me too much,” said Foustene Fortenbach, a junior visual and media arts major.