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Bruno Major: A constellation of mastery

Photo: Clara Faulkner

I used to believe that witnessing a packed audience fall into complete silence at the first note of a song was a rare occurrence–until I experienced Bruno Major’s “Planet Earth Tour” on Sept. 30.

It’s as though the singer possesses an extraordinary power to suspend time and capture a raw soundscape once he enters the spotlight and strokes his guitar. Call it magic or unparalleled talent, but there’s an undeniable force in Major’s music that elevates the concert experience beyond the ordinary. 

Major, the talented British singer-songwriter, has carved a niche in the music world with his soulful and emotionally charged melodies. His music seamlessly fuses folk, R&B, and pop elements, creating a distinct sound that resonates with a diverse audience of all ages. 

His journey of growing popularity across social media platforms has been notably fueled by the viral soul-stirring tracks “Easily” and “Nothing.” These songs showcase his lyrical prowess and passionate vocal delivery that I anticipated would unfold throughout the night.

The show began with Lindsey Lomis, known for her delightful guitar ballads and pop hits like “Heartstrings.” Her captivating melodies and lyrics created an enchanting atmosphere, setting the stage for an evening of artistry. Her presence on stage brought radiance, perfectly introducing what would become a perceptually deep emotional night of music.

As the curtains slowly parted, a hushed excitement filled the venue. The stage was transformed into a celestial wonderland, with constellations illuminating the backdrop. 

As Major stepped onto the stage, an electrifying energy was in the air. The venue was packed with fans eagerly anticipating the sonic journey they were about to embark on. Major, a masterful storyteller through his music, kicked off the show with the ethereal “We Were Never Really Friends,” —a song that tugs at the heartstrings with its nostalgic lyrics such as “Don’t make me make the call / This doesn’t have to be the end / You gave me an ultimatum / You said verbatim.”

Major has a unique gift for crafting narratives of love, loss, and life’s complexities through his songs and stage presence. With every note and lyric, he invited his fans to delve into the depths of their own emotions, and on this particular night, the journey had just begun. The stage was set, the audience was captivated, and Major was ready to lead them on an unforgettable musical expedition through the landscape of life.

The transformation of the audience’s mood was nothing short of astounding. Conversations ceased, and all eyes and ears were fixated on Major. His fingers danced gracefully across his guitar strings, creating a symphony of emotions that resonated with everyone in the room.

A memorable moment during the night’s performance, and a personal standout for me, was when Major performed “Trajectories.” 

The atmosphere was electric as the first note reverberated from a beautifully aged wooden piano positioned dramatically under the spotlight. The song’s message, depicting two people experiencing love while on divergent life paths, stirred powerful emotions within the audience. Major enchanted the audience solely with his voice and a single instrument as the first piano notes echoed through the venue, accompanied by hushed whispers and a gentle shroud of darkness, a comforting sense of security washed over me.

At that moment, I couldn’t help but observe the crowd. It was a striking contrast to the usual concert scene: no phone could be seen in the sea of faces. 

Instead, every pair of eyes was fixed on Major, who seemed to transcend the role of a mere musician. His presence was akin to a piece of masterful architecture, holding each and every person in the room in rapt attention as if we were all collectively immersed in a profound and sorrowful trance of the lyrics. 

The atmosphere in the venue was charged with love as couples throughout the audience held onto each other tightly during Major’s performance of “Nothing.” 

When the song’s first notes filled the air, a sea of phone lights illuminated like thousands of twinkling constellations. The warm, soft glow of these swaying lights added an ethereal  ambiance, as if the room had transformed into a starlit night sky. The collective display of affection and unity in that moment made Major’s performance of “Nothing” an unforgettable experience, etching itself into the memories of everyone present.

Major epitomizes the essence of “coffeehouse” music, and his performance seamlessly embodied that spirit.

In the intimate setting, Major’s songs resembled a coffeehouse performance, where the music enveloped the space like the steam rising from a cup of espresso. His voice carried a rich, smoky quality that seemed to swirl and mingle with the notes he played, creating a fusion of sound and emotion that was both soothing and refreshing. 

Much like patrons in a quaint coffeehouse, the audience sipped on the melodies he served, savoring each chord and lyric as if it were a carefully brewed blend. 

Major himself marveled at the tranquil, respectful ambiance of the audience, who hung on his every note. 

The songwriter’s ingenious talent for crafting memorable mashups of his songs made the night more special. These musical medleys seamlessly intertwined different tracks in his repertoire, with precisely executed transitions, ensuring that other songs’ juxtaposition felt seamless and organic rather than forced or jarring. This detail in the night showcased Major’s ability to thread his diverse catalog into a cohesive tapestry of sound.

The encore, an acoustic rendition of “Easily,” brought tears to many eyes. It was a moment of pure vulnerability and connection, where Major’s voice filled every corner of the room, wrapping us in a warm embrace.

At the night’s end, Major, bathed in the soft glow of the spotlight, looked out at the crowd with a knowing smile. He had taken us on a journey through the tapestry of life with his soul-stirring melodies, and we had willingly followed him into the depths of our emotions, leaving Boston awaiting his return. 


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Clara Faulkner, Managing Editor and Living Arts Editor
Clara Faulkner holds dual roles at the Beacon, serving as both the Business Director and the Living Arts Editor. Before taking up these positions, she showcased her expertise as an assistant editor, specializing in living arts—a field she is deeply passionate about, driven by her love for pop culture and entertainment. Aside from her editorial work, Clara actively engages in multiple campus organizations, including SPJ, CPLA, WECB, and AEPHI. Moreover, she takes on the role of marketing director at Emertainment. Beyond her writing endeavors, Clara delves into the realms of culinary exploration, cinematic indulgence, and language acquisition, constantly seeking new experiences and knowledge.

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