Cabaret gets tech updates

The Little Building’s Cabaret received a series of equipment updates over the summer.

Joshua Hamlin, director of the Campus Center, said that the upgrades will enhance the space for student use.

The control booth now contains an iMac with preloaded video and music editing programs commonly used by students, which will make it possible for those without laptops to run a show from a flash drive. There are updated lighting fixtures, cables, lenses, sandbags, and a new white backdrop.

Student organizations can now request a 3D SketchUp model of the Cabaret, when there was only a 2D ground plan before.

“The students can design as if they were in the space without actually being there, which will be really helpful for them,” Hamlin said.  

According to Hamlin, each year’s updates are influenced by the needs of student organizations.  New purchases save money from renting commonly used equipment.

“We’re constantly trying to improve the space for everyone involved,” Kieran Collier, senior writing, literature and publishing major and Cabaret coordinator said, “to make it a more worthwhile experience.”