Campus Crime Log, 2/5

Monday Jan. 26

A student was the victim of a telephone scam. The Emerson College Police Department is investigating the incident. 


Wednesday Jan. 28

ECPD responded to an intrusion alarm at Emerson’s Fitness Center. The officers didn’t find a reason for the alarm, reset the alarm, and secured the doors as they left.

ECPD officers on patrol saw a car hit a large snow bank in front of the Boston Common Garage. ECPD checked on the passengers in the car. The passengers were not injured, and Boston Police was notified to have the car removed from the snow bank.


Thursday Jan. 29

A student was harassed by an unknown male while inside Emerson’s Cafe. The student said the male repeatedly tapped on the store’s window, trying to get her attention.


Saturday Jan. 31

ECPD and BPD responded to a fistfight that occurred in front of Piano Row. ECPD officers were able to separate the two involved, who were leaving a local nightclub. One of the two was arrested after he bit a person’s finger, causing it to bleed profusely. ECPD gave first aid at the scene. 


Sunday Feb. 1

ECPD investigated an alarm coming from the fire alarm panel in Paramount and determined the alarm was coming from a faulty smoke detector. There was no fire and no one was evacuated from the building.

A student received a strange text message from an unknown person.  

A glass bong, glass pipe, and a grinder, which all appeared to have marijuana residue, were taken from a student’s suite in Paramount.