Campus Crime Log, 3/19

Wednesday, Mar. 4

A student had her cell phone stolen from the Ansin Building.

The Boston Fire Department and the Emerson College Police Department responded to the Little Building for a fire alarm. They found the cause of the fire alarm was burnt food in of a common room. There was no fire or damage to the building.


Thursday, Mar. 5

A student had personal property stolen while walking around 39 Boylston Street.

A security officer stationed at the State Transportation Building reported to ECPD that student(s) have been throwing objects out of Piano Row. While ECPD officers were investigating the report, they found a student in possession of marijuana paraphernalia and a small amount of the drug.


Friday, Mar. 6

A student turned over a pipe used to smoke marijuana in the Little Building after being questioned by the Office of Housing and Residence Life and ECPD about a strong odor of marijuana.


Saturday, Mar. 7

A member of OHRL turned over a grinder to ECPD found in the Little Building that appeared to contain marijuana residue.


Sunday, Mar. 8

ECPD and BFD responded to the Paramount Building loading dock for a fire alarm which was caused by a broken sprinkler pipe. Facilities management was notified for repairs.


Monday, Mar. 10

ECPD and the Boston Police Department responded to a fist fight in front of the Colonial residence hall. One individual was arrested for assault and battery by BPD. All people involved were patrons of the Stage nightclub.


Saturday, Mar. 14

ECPD assisted BPD detail officers with a fight inside the Boylston Place alley.  Those involved were asked earlier to leave Whiskey Saigon for disruptive behavior.

The Brookline Police Department notified ECPD of found Emerson College property. ECPD retrieved the property and was able to return it to the student owner.