Candidate for Elma Lewis Center visits campus

The search committee for the position of Executive Director of the Elma Lewis Center held a candidate open forum on Monday.

The applicant, whose name the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is withholding due to confidentiality concerns, is one of four finalists being considered for the role of executive director.  

Attendance for the open forum presentation was comprised of nine staff members in total, predominantly representing the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Elma Lewis Center, both located on the Walker Building’s 10th floor.

During the presentation, the candidate was asked to share some of her background and how she would approach the work of the Elma Lewis Center through “Four C’s”: capacity building, convening, connecting, and communicating. The interviewee focused on communication, specifically with students, faculty and the community.

The candidate, raised in Houston, Texas, is a self-proclaimed product of a household connected to education and the arts.

“Coming from a place that is very rich in both cultural and arts practice, but very different in social landscape, I came to Boston as a graduate student with the goal of marrying my two passions: my love of the arts and social justice,” she said.

Sylvia Spears, vice president for diversity and inclusion, said she looks forward to the final stages of the search for executive director and chair of the search committee.

“We’re looking for somebody who can build infrastructure and capacity for the Elma Lewis Center,” Spears said in an interview. “But also who can provide broad leadership across the institution and create high level partnerships our students can connect to in the community.”

A second candidate for this position will visit campus for another open forum on Oct. 1.