Car hits Little Building

A car commandeered by an allegedly unlicensed driver smashed into the side of the Little Building in Allen’s Alley shortly before 2 p.m. on Dec. 4, damaging some of the building’s intake and exhaust pipes, police and witnesses said.

Laura Fink, 39, of Everett, was driving without permission of the car’s owner. Tammy Ward, who said in an interview her mother owned the car, was not in the vehicle during the crash but arrived at the scene moments later.

Emerson College Police were first to respond to the scene, one Emerson College Police Department officer said, with Boston Police and an ambulance arriving moments later.

Fink told police she hit a curb, popping her front right tire and was attempting to pull over when she entered the alley.

Dion Pennick, a loading dock supervisor at Emerson, said he was working in the alley when he saw the small SUV heading south on Tremont Street riding on the tire’s rim.

“The front right tire was completely flat,” he said. “It was just rim, you could hear it.”

Pennick said he was standing in the mouth of the alley when Fink attempted to pull in. He said he signaled Fink to stop, but she refused.

“She pulled in, and we said no,” Pennick said. “She told us to get the fuck out of the way, then she turned the wheel hard to the right and floored it.”

Ward said she and Fink drove together to a bank in the North End to cash a check. While Ward was inside, Fink was forced to move the car.

Ward said she didn’t know how her car ended up on Tremont Street with the flat tire.

“My cell phone was in the car so I called it from a pay phone and a cop answered and said I had to get down here right away,” Ward said in an interview.

Emergency Medical Services transported Fink from the scene of the accident on a gurney, but witnesses said she got out of the car after the impact and walked around before sitting in the passenger seat.

Fink could not be reached for comment.