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Alum Georden West wins Student Oscar for experimental short film

Georden West ‘18 premiered “Patron Saint” in July 2019, three months before winning gold at the Student Academy Awards. Sam Hwang / Beacon Staff

By Domenic Conte, Managing Editor

October 30, 2019

Georden West '18 watched in disapproval as their college in southern Virginia forced transgender students to leave, stripping them of their ability to graduate. As a queer media maker, they refuse to acknowledge the name of the institution and promote its existence. “I was making films about what it was like...

Emerson team takes home a slamming win in poetry competition

Dessalise Etienne (far left), Jerry Cardona (center left), Kayla LaRosa (center right), and Lauren Licola (far right) all competed together to bring victory to Emerson's team. Jakob Menendez / Beacon Staff

By Eloisa de Farias

October 23, 2019

A group of Emerson students won a national poetry slam tournament after setting out on a seven-month path of redemption following their loss at a collegiate poetry slam tournament in April.  The four students took home first place and a $1,200 cash prize from the 2019 VOX Pop Slam Poetry Tournament i...

Alum opens contemporary art gallery in Downtown Crossing

Sam Fish ‘15 felt frustrated with the lack of space for young artists in Boston. He opened EXIT, a pop-up gallery near Emerson to solve that problem. Photo courtesy of Andre Beriau.

By Grace Rispoli

October 9, 2019

Black, white, and red paint popped through a storefront window while two men stood in the doorway, welcoming in anyone enamored by the art inside. Behind the doors, low lighting mixed with lively conversation as attendees and artists alike celebrated the images surrounding them. On Sept. 28, Sam Fish ...

Brother music duo Joyer releases second album

Sophomore Shane Sullivan (right) collaborated with his brother Nick (left) to produce an abstract alternative album under their band name Joyer. Photo courtesy of Shane Sullivan.

By Shruti Rajkumar, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

October 4, 2019

With nothing more than two microphones, minimal technology experience, and GarageBand software installed on their computer, Shane Sullivan, a sophomore visual and media arts major, collaborated with his brother, Nick Sullivan, graduate of The School of Visual Arts in New York City, in the basement ...

The Emerson Hip-Hop Society wraps up summer mixtape

Owen Elphick (left), Dani Jean-Baptiste (front left), Devin Davis-Lorton (front right), and Trevor Kelly (left) rapped verses on the mixtape this past summer. Greyson Acquaviva / Beacon Staff

By Melanie Curry, Deputy Magazine Editor

October 3, 2019

Sophomore Ademir Monteiro sat in his closet and looked through The Emerson Hip-Hop Society’s Google Drive folder to choose a beat. Once chosen, he grabbed his phone and his lyric-filled notebook, took a deep breath, and rapped his verse for The Hip-Hop Society’s summer mixtape.  The Hip-Hop Socie...

Journalism alumna Gaby Dunn pens Boston-based graphic novel

Alumna Gaby Dunn completed a co-op at The Boston Globe while at Emerson, and reflected on that experience in her new book. Courtesy of Robyn Van Swank.

By Dana Gerber, Deputy News Editor

October 1, 2019

At only nineteen years old, Gaby Dunn ‘09 spent her nights waiting at hospitals to find out the status of shooting victims or driving to the scene of fires where houses had burned to the ground. As a journalism major, Dunn had scored a coveted opportunity: a position at The Boston Globe throug...

Senior turns pop culture memes into on-campus job

Senior Joe Scardilli grew up drawing—now he works for the SEAL office sketching memes on the new walls of 172 Tremont St. Courtesy of Joe Scardilli

By Emily Cardona, Deputy Sports Editor

September 27, 2019

The faint scent of dry erase markers constantly lingers in the rooms of 172 Tremont St. ever since the college hired senior comedic arts major Joe Scardilli to create pop culture and meme illustrations on the building’s windows and white board walls.  Jason Meier, director of student engagement ...

Alessandra Guarneri drums up YouTube success

Alessandra Guarneri recently reached 13,800 subscribers on her drum cover YouTube channel. Cho Yin Rachel Lo / Beacon Staff

By Tatum Jenkins

September 18, 2019

When junior Alessandra Guarneri attended a Camila Cabello concert in 2016 at the Orpheum Theatre, two fans recognized her from the Fifth Harmony covers Guarneri used to post on YouTube.  “It was wild,” Guarneri said. “I had never had that happen to me.”  Her friend, junior Samantha W...

Student band Snoozer rocks out on first album

Student band Snoozer released their first album, Tortoise, Hare in 2019, falling under their own style of

By J. Faith Malicdem

September 18, 2019

James Ammirato knew the Boston music scene is its own little microcosm of the city, and because of that, it’s really hard to be heard.  According to student punk rock band Snoozer, Boston’s up-and-coming music scene is caught in a flurry of new-wave scruffy bedroom pop and grainy low-fi jazz, in...

Sophomore brings victory to St. Louis team at international poetry competition

Sophomore Zack Lesmeister and the St. Louis team won the 2019 Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival, bringing home a brand new title for the city. Photo by Jakob Menendez / Beacon Staff

By Cassandre Coyer

September 4, 2019

Six teens sat cowered in a compact dorm room in Las Vegas, whispering poetry to each other for hours at a time so their competitors would not overhear. It’s a vital part of the St. Louis team’s strategy for the 2019 Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival that led them to victo...

Juniors feature creative artwork in self-produced zine

Juniors Emilie Krone (left) and Liza Rogulina (right) started their own zine over winter break. Thomas Bloxham / Beacon Correspondent

By Juliet Norman, Assistant Opinion Editor

April 11, 2019

Juniors Emilie Krone and Liza Rogulina toyed with the idea of producing their own publication since meeting freshman year during an Introduction to College Writing class. The pair sat on the idea for two-and-a-half years but finally decided to start working on the “zine" this spring after fee...

Emerson Chuang Stage founders hope to break down cultural barriers

Junior Alison Qu (center) said many other Boston colleges, such as Boston University, have their own Chinese student theater groups and Qu decided Emerson needed their own. - Photo by Xinyi Tu - Beacon Staff

By Katiana Hoefle, Deputy Arts Editor

April 9, 2019

Every day for the past four months, 27 Chinese students at Emerson spent several hours working to create their own student-run play, If I were not me. Junior Alison Qu, graduate student Qianru Wang, and graduate student Shuyu Zheng created the Emerson Chuang Stage last semester and will hold their firs...