Chipotle moves into City Place


Hungry Emerson students now have another close-to-campus option to satisfy their burrito cravings. 

The new Chipotle in City Place, just steps away from Boloco, opened June 30. This new location is one of seven within a two-mile radius of the college, according to Chipotle’s website.

Jacqueline Menjivar, a sophomore journalism major and a former Beacon correspondent, said she loves how close it is. Although she used to frequent Boloco, she said she wasn’t quite satisfied with the Boston burrito chain.

“It always feel kind of like a knock-off Chipotle,” Menjivar said. 

But sophomore writing, literature and publishing major Alex Winzenread said the Chipotle is too close to campus: It’s going to make him eat more. 

“It’s obviously a good thing [that it’s closer],” Winzenread said, “but there’s always that danger of over-accessibility.”

For the rest of September, students with a valid ID who order select items are eligible for a free drink. 

“This is my favorite piece of late-stage capitalist news I’ve heard all day,” Winzenread joked. 

The City Place Chipotle is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.