College announces memorial service for Dan Hollis


Photo: Jakob Menendez

Community members gathered in the Semel Theatre to mourn sophomore Daniel Hollis October 3. 2019

By Parker Purifoy, Emerson '21

The college plans to hold a memorial service  on Dec. 6. for Daniel Hollis who died in October after an altercation at a party in Brighton.

The memorial will be held in the Bill Bordy Theatre at 2 p.m.

The sophomore died on Oct. 2 after receiving life-threatening head injuries Sept. 29 in an encounter that the Boston Police Department later ruled a homicide. 

The college held a vigil for Hollis in the Semel Theatre on Oct. 3, hosted by Director of the Center for Spiritual Life Rev. Julie Avis Rogers and President M. Lee Pelton.

Avis Rogers said it’s important to have two separate occasions for the college to come together when a member of the community dies—one to gather when the grieving process has just begun and one in the following months to provide continued support and to acknowledge that grief doesn’t have a defined timeline. 

“On December 6, we’ll have an opportunity to acknowledge this ongoing grief and sadness together as well as a chance to celebrate Dan’s gifts, his smile, his friendship, and his life,” she said in an emailed statement to The Beacon. 

The United States Marine Corps confirmed Lance Cpl. Samuel London’s involvement in Hollis’ death on Nov. 6 and a spokesperson for the Corps told WGBH that they are in the process of removing London from their service so he can face potential charges in the homicide investigation.

London serves as a reservist in the 25th Marine Regiment, based at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

No charges have been filed in Hollis’ death, according to Boston Police.

BPD is treating the incident as a homicide, but given London’s active duty status, the case falls under the jurisdiction of both local law enforcement and the Marine Corps.