College employee robbed near campus

A college employee was robbed near the Ansin Building on Wednesday morning, according to an email Emerson College Police Department Chief Robert Smith sent the Emerson community an hour later.

The employee was standing on the sidewalk next to Ansin when a man approached him and said he had a knife, according to Smith. The victim, who was on his cellphone at the time, handed the man his phone. The robber then ran down Boylston Street toward Washington Street, and the employee was not harmed, said the email.

“This is really not a common occurrence especially in the middle of the day like that,” said Smith in an interview with Beacon.  

The Boston Police Department was notified of the theft and is handling the investigation because it occurred within their jurisdiction, said Smith. 

Smith advised students to avoid isolated areas and be careful before using technology outside.

“Always maintain awareness of your surroundings,” he said. “You should really avoid talking on your cell phone in public because then people know you have it. And you need to keep your attention focused on what is going on around you.” 

The Boston Police Department could not be reached for immediate comment regarding the incident.