College installs new alert system


The new alert system is designed to be broadcast throughout classrooms and buildings, emitting light and louder sound. Tomas Gonzalez // Beacon Correspondent

By Tomas Gonzalez, Staff Writer/Photographer

The Office of Emergency Management installed a new alert system in the form of a yellow box called an Alert Beacon over the summer.

Chris Beaurpere, director of emergency management, said the department added the new measure after some professors did not hear the alarms sent out by security because their classes made too much noise or they had turned off their phones. The previous system sent out alerts via text, voice, and email during emergencies and school closures, according to the Emerson website.

The Alert Beacon ties into the existing security system. The systems can broadcast alerts throughout classrooms and buildings, emitting light and louder sound. Beaurpere did not provide financial information regarding the system.

“The added preparedness that this offers [the teachers] is definitely worth the investment,” Beaurpere said.

Associate Director of the Office of Student Success Seth Grue praised the new security additions.

“Any way that we are letting people know of emergency situations in real time is going to be beneficial,” Grue said.