College prepares for winter storm, reopens dorms early


By Jacob Seitz, Staff Writer

The college plans to reopen residence halls at 7 a.m. on Sunday in anticipation of inclement weather moving through the Northeast over the weekend, according to a Saturday evening email sent by Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Jim Hoppe.

Students will be allowed to return to their residence halls earlier with prior arrangements from their Residence Directors.

Hoppe stated that all Monday classes are still on schedule, but that the college is monitoring the weather and will provide further updates.

The email also contained a link where students could report that they were not going to return as scheduled, and the college would report the absence to the students’ professors.

In a statement on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website, Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver recommended that motorists avoid driving on highways by mid-day Sunday. The DOT is expecting two to four inches of snow and gusty winds between Sunday afternoon and Monday.

“This storm must be taken very seriously by anyone who has to travel on Sunday,” Gulliver wrote. “We are advising anyone who has to travel, to leave as early as possible Sunday morning. To avoid being out in the storm, motorists traveling on roads north and west of Interstate 495 should plan to be off the roads by 3 p.m. and motorists traveling east and south of Interstate 495 should plan to be off the roads by 5 p.m.”

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For students flying in, airlines have begun waiving flight change fees due to the weather, according to USA Today. 

120 flights were delayed coming in to or out of Boston Logan International Airport Saturday, with 12 flights canceled between Saturday and Monday, according to FlightAware.

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