College shifts around key administrators to improve student retention


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By Diana Bravo, Assistant News Editor

The college announced a reorganization of the offices of Student Affairs, Student Success, and Enrollment Management on Monday in hopes of improving student retention through graduation.

“We are now poised not only to help more students graduate but also ensure an excellent experience for all students so that they remain engaged as members of the Emerson family long after graduation,” Vice President for Enrollment Management Ruthanne Maddison and Dean of Campus Life and Vice President of the college James Hoppe said in an emailed statement to the community. 

The reorganization will take effect Nov. 1 and feature changes in position or relocation of five college officials.

Current Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Sharon Duffy will become the first assistant vice president for student success in the Enrollment Management office. Prior to this change, Duffy worked in the Student Affairs and Campus Life office for 18 years. She will retain oversight of Student Accessibility Services and Student Care and Support from her prior position both offices will remain in Student Affairs. Duffy will also take on oversight of the Office of Student Success in Enrollment Management, according to the emailed announcement. 

With Duffy’s change in position, she will no longer serve as the Student Government Association’s advisor. That job will fall to Student Engagement And Leadership Director Jason Meier and the rest of SEAL staff. In addition to Duffy’s transition, Associate Dean of Campus Life Erik Murrisepp will assume the role of assistant vice president for campus life.

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Associate Director of Student Success Carol Smolinsky will become director of retention and student success. Before the change, Smolinsky served as an associate director in multiple positions within Enrollment Management. She will take on day-to-day leadership in the Office of Student Success.

Director of Retention and Student Success Chris Daly will become assistant dean of campus life. Daly worked in the college enrollment field for over 15 years and said in the statement she welcomed the opportunity to shift her focus. 

Director of Student Care and Support Amanda Turnley will retain her position, but her office will move from Campus Life to the Office of Student Success in the Spring 2020 semester. According to the statement, the move is intended to streamline student support in the Office of Student Success. The announcement said the college plans to reveal more details about the move in the spring.

Correction 10/22/19: A previous version of this article misgendered Chris Daly.