College students to dress up for prom


Patrick Kearns is an RHA Executive Board Member and helped plan the prom event taking place on Saturday. Photo: Hardik Pahwa / Berkeley Beacon

By Belen Dumont, News Editor

As the semester reaches an end, the college plans to give all students another chance at prom. The throwback will include food, drinks, music featuring student-DJ Jon Bain, a photo booth, and a Nintendo Switch raffle prize.

The Residence Hall Association is hosting Emerson College PROM, a free formal spring dance, from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. in the Bill Bordy Theatre on Saturday, April 14.

Just like any classic prom, the RHA will decorate the Bill Bordy Theater in Emerson’s colors―purple and white―with streamers, lights, and helium balloons.

“We’re trying to do it as an end of the year thing, but without having it at the same time as finals,” RHA Executive Board Member Patrick Kearns said.

RHA members have started handing out free dance tickets for organizers to keep count of the number of students attending. Sales are ongoing at the Dining Center and will continue until the day of the event at the door.  

RHA Executive Board Member Rachel Levin said a dress code won’t be enforced.

The RHA is student-run while advisors to the board are resident directors from Piano Row and Colonial Building. For the past two years, the RHA held a Yule Ball, a formal dance in December inspired by the Harry Potter series. Levin said prom seemed like more of an all-encompassing theme, compared to the Yule Ball, which might have turned away non-Harry Potter fans.

“This will definitely be our biggest event,” Levin said. “We’ve been revamping RHA this year, by having more events.”

RHA planned four events this year, including Paint-a-Pumpkin in October, Mason jar-decorating in November, Sweaters & Sweets―a decorating gingerbread people event in December, and a Super Bowl party at Center Stage in February.

“We’ve never done this exact event before,” Kearns said.

According to the Facebook Emerson PROM page, 164 people are interested in attending.