College to poll students on ‘climate’

Emerson is launching the Emerson360: Community Climate Survey on Nov. 3 to help create a college-wide action plan regarding, among other things, diversity and inclusion and safety and interpersonal violence, according to Emerson’s website. The survey, estimated to take 20 minutes to complete, will be open from Nov. 3 to 21, and will have two components, one for students and one for faculty and staff.

This is part of President M. Lee Pelton’s plans to improve sexual assault prevention and response, outlined in his email to the student body on Sept. 2, according to Andrew Tiedemann, vice president for communications and marketing.

“Emerson will conduct a biennial campus climate survey to assess the community’s knowledge of policies and resources related to sexual assault, students’ attitudes about prevention, and their perceptions about how the College is addressing the problem of sexual violence,” Pelton’s email reads.

Results will go to a climate committee in January. The survey responses will be anonymous, but a report of the results and priorities will be released after analysis in February, according to the website. An action plan will be released in April.

All who participate will be entered to win various prizes, including Boston Celtics tickets and gift cards.

“One of the new best practices in working toward sexual assault prevention is conducting periodic campus climate surveys,” Tiedemann wrote in an email to the Beacon, “to understand the levels of awareness of the issue and Emerson specific knowledge on the issue.”