Colony House “Cannonballs” into Paradise Rock Club


By Clara Faulkner, Managing Editor and Living Arts Editor

Outside the Paradise Rock Club, fans of indie rock band Colony House felt the rumbling bass and heard the explosive energy of the band’s soundcheck as they awaited the Boston stop of “The Cannonballers Tour” on March 8. 

Colony House is known for its high-energy performances and catchy, guitar-driven melodies, which have earned them a loyal following in the indie-rock scene. Their music is often described as a blend of alternative rock and pop, with influences ranging from The Beatles to The Strokes. Their music merges alternative rock and folk, featuring introspective lyrics that often touch on themes of self-discovery and personal growth, as exemplified in songs like “I’m Not Dying,” when they sing “There’s a reason for the things I don’t understand / buried deep inside of me a key to unlock who I am.” Their live shows are a testament to their passion for music and their dedication to their fans. 

Colony House’s latest album, “The Cannonballers,” released in 2023, showcases their growth as musicians and songwriters. It provides a more polished sound and a deeper exploration of their personal experiences than found in their previous album releases—2020’s “Leave What’s Lost Behind” and 2017’s “Only The Lonely.” 

Reflected in the title of their newest release, Colony House’s sound mimics a blissful summer day, appreciating the best parts of life. The band’s music is entertaining but also relatable and thought-provoking, making them a standout in the indie-rock genre. 

Colony House’s Boston show began with an opening act from Little Image, an up-and-coming rock-inspired grunge trio that gained traction in 2020. In anticipation of their coming self-titled album, they performed their first single, “Worth It,” released right before the pandemic in January 2020. It is a low-beat tune with a chorus repeating the lyrics, “Everyone wants to feel like they are worth it.” Little Image’s raw and gritty sound set the tone for the night, and the crowd met their performance with enthusiastic applause. 

As Colony House took the stage, the energy in the room reached a fever pitch, and fans sang along to every word of their favorite songs, such as “This Beautiful Life” and “Silhouettes.” Onstage, everything from soothing blue lighting to full-on, lightning-flash red blasts in tune with the bass drops made for a show-stopping production experience.

The venue was surrounded by listeners aged 18-35, enjoying the band bringing a new meaning to live music in various ways. Through the production, strong vocals, and hometown roots, the set itself held a larger emphasis than the sound of the music. Colony House demonstrated their passion for charity and giving back to the community by declaring that the cause they will support throughout the tour will be the Turkey earthquakes, urging fans to donate and raise awareness of the cause. 

Colony House delivered an explosive experience rather than just a concert. Lead Vocalist Caleb Chapman danced on the floor with the audience and even leaped over the barrier to sing and take videos with the crowd. The band’s passion and connection with their fans were palpable, creating a sense of community and camaraderie long after the show ended. Colony House proved themselves to be not just talented musicians but also exceptional performers who knew how to put on a show.

The show ended like it started: a blast of fun and larger-than-life production. The musical troupe ended the night with their hit song “You Know It.” The crowd went wild, and the energy was vibrant. Each audience member could be seen chanting the lyrics, “I’m sorry, Boston, but I’ve got to go home.” The band’s chemistry and stage presence was undeniable, and they left a lasting impression on their fans. 

Colony House’s commitment to using their platform for good and connecting with their fans on a personal level is a testament to their genuine love for both music and people, making Boston say a hard goodbye and leaving Colony House with a sweeter hello.